How Steroids Can Help Increase Your Personal Bests

Modern day powerlifters happen to be some of the strongest people alive. They are known to undergo rigorous training in a bid to gain huge amounts of strength for the sport. Some have amassed so much they are able to lift weights in iron much heavier than their own bodyweight. This strength, however, is not obtained solely by rigorous training in lifts alone. Steroids come in handy to enhance performance and improve efficiency especially in terms of strength and recovery.


Steroids go a long way towards increasing muscle mass which in turn, increases the muscles’ ability to produce force. Another notable effect of these drugs is their ability to make one lose weight and instead gain more muscle that obviously translates to more strength. Steroids, in general, make no contribution whatsoever towards making a powerlifter more skilled but instead they amplify skills which the powerlifter already possess.

How steroids work

Just in order to take a sneak peek into how anabolic steroids work, we will discuss the mechanism of a few of them briefly. Most of these steroids such as testosterone are lipid soluble, a characteristic that enables them to diffuse with ease into the cell without needing to bind themselves to a receptor. They then influence gene transcription and consequently the proteins produced by the cell. Different steroid hormones influence the production of different proteins. Testosterone, for example, is responsible for the production of myosin and actin that are the proteins responsible for increased strength. This then brings us to the method of administration in which case injections and transdermal administration are the most highly recommended. Powerlifters are advised to keep oral administration on the minimum because, with ingestion, the drugs have to go through the liver then into the bloodstream which could harm the liver.

Possible side effects

It is important to note that steroids have been reported to carry a few short-term risks such as high blood pressure, liver toxicity and high cholesterol levels. Atherosclerosis and hypogonadism are some of the few notable long-term effects that should however not raise an alarm to powerlifters who stick to the prescribed doses. The duration for each steroid dose must also be adhered to the letter as another way of keeping lethal side effects at bay.


It is undeniably true that steroids provide great an advantage for powerlifters. Some powerlifters will go off steroids for various reasons, but they can bounce back to earlier levels of bulk and strength with little effort as the effects of steroids remain. Needless to say, a powerlifter who has used steroids will always be at an advantage over others who haven’t. Care should be taken not to over-indulge in steroid intake as they may result in increased size with not much gain in strength which is essential to powerlifters.

Much as most steroids are banned, that hasn’t stopped powerlifters from accessing and using them to enhance performance. It is an outright big lie that there exist powerlifters who train without steroid consumption.

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