How to Boost Testosterone Naturally – A Simple Guide for Bodybuilders

The bodybuilding community has known for a long time that testosterone is a pretty effective supplement to take for muscle gain. But instead of testosterone shots, you may want to consider some natural alternatives:

  • canstockphoto29660000This may seem redundant for bodybuilders, but higher intensity workouts as well as exercises involving large muscle groups increase testosterone levels. Examples of higher intensity workouts include strongman training and interval sprints. As for your exercises, keep up your lunges, shoulder presses, squats, chin ups, bench presses, rows, and deadlifts.
  • Don’t over train. Instead, keep it to about 45 minutes. After that, your cortisol levels will rise and that leads to decreased testosterone.
  • Lose your excess weight and keep your body trim. A lot of studies show that higher levels of fat results in lower levels of testosterone. Just don’t cut your calorie intake too much. If you really need to lose some weight, keep it to just 20% lower than your daily needs. Anything less than that and you starting decreasing your testosterone levels.
  • Make sure you eat enough healthy fats. Research strongly suggests that there’s a correlation between high levels of healthy fats and testosterone production.
  • Limit your carbohydrate consumption to the 2 to 3 hour window after your workout. Your testosterone level drops temporarily when you eat a meal that’s heavy on carbs. When you eat a lot of carb-heavy meals throughout the day, then your overall testosterone levels will drop significantly.
  • You also need an adequate amount of sleep, which is about 8 hours more or less. The University of Chicago published a study showing that 5 hours of sleep a night will result in a 15% decrease in testosterone levels.
  • Minimize your alcohol consumption. Experts say that alcohol can drive down your testosterone levels. Beer is the worst, since it also expands your waistline and that will drop your testosterone level even further.
  • Keep your stress levels low. Stress produces cortisol that causes a severe drop in testosterone levels. You may want to learn how to meditate or do yoga if you feel stressed all the time. A healthy massage every now and then can also do wonders for your stress levels.

Supplement Use

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