How to EASILY Increase DHT Through Your Diet

DHT is ‘dihydrotestosterone’ and you can think of it as essentially being testosterone’s bigger, badder, older brother. It’s even more androgenic and it can lead to a lot of extra muscle mass. Raise this substance in your body and you will see impressive gains as a result.

Before we continue though, it’s first worth noting that dihydrotestosterone is not without controversy. There is some concern that it can lead to prostate cancer in higher quantities for instance, though studies don’t really back up this concern. The potential side effects of DHT are not something we’re going to cover in this particular article but most bodybuilders raise their DHT to dramatic degrees without side effects. Still, if you’re concerned, do some research on the matter.

canstockphoto10446829Without further ado, here’s how you can raise your DHT levels through some easy diet changes…

Get More Fat in You

The right kind of course! Far from being ‘the enemy’ that it was once portrayed to be, dietary fat actually has a lot of very important functions in the body – one of which is to raise testosterone and DHT. This is because anabolic hormones are actually made from the good HDL cholesterol found in these fats.

Increase Your Carbohydrates

This won’t sit easily with a lot of people following paleo diets and low carb diets, but studies show that we do need carbs in order to produce T and DHT. In fact, if you’ve been relying on protein entirely to create testosterone then you may have gotten it twisted.

A calorie deficit is one of the surest ways to drop your T levels. And seeing as protein doesn’t add much in terms of calories compared with fat and carbs, this is a problem. What’s more, protein creates an increase in insulin-like growth factor which may actually interfere with testosterone production.

Don’t throw out that protein shake just yet – protein is still absolutely essential for building muscle. Just don’t rely on it to up your testosterone too. You still need dem carbs!

Eat Organic

Eating organic foods can give you a boost in all kinds of anabolic hormones and they do tend to a) be more nutritious and b) have fewer pesticides when compared with non-organic. And when it comes to steak, you need to ensure you are definitely eating grass-fed.

Avoid Testosterone Killers

Increasing DHT isn’t just about getting more testosterone, it’s also about decreasing estrogen which stands opposed to your male anabolism. You want to avoid soy protein for instance because it increases estrogen and at the same time you should avoid other phytoestrogens that will make your testosterone take a hit. This means not eating out of Tupperware and other plastic containers, it means avoiding beer (due to the hops), staying away from licorice and filtering your water before drinking it (it contains tons of female hormones).

Do all these things and you should start to notice an increase in T and DHT. The result will be increased muscle growth and fat loss.

Natural Testosterone Supplements

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