How to Get a Bigger Chest Even Faster!

Vince is constantly throwing out nonsense advice that is unfortunately all too easy to come across online. We’ve seen him tackle a bunch of different body parts in that regard and now it’s the turn of the chest and Vince is putting pec workouts to rights. His main advice in this case, is to stop worrying about trying to train specific portions of the pecs (trying to train the upper or lower pec for example) and rather to simply focus on what works for you. You can’t change the look of your pecs by changing the movement, so instead you need to choose the particular range of motion and angles that work for you.


So let’s imagine that you’re performing dumbbell presses – a pretty popular movement for training the pecs. How do you do it?


If you’re following the advice of some certain individuals, then you might decide to go ahead and try doing lots of different workouts at different angles. Perhaps you start with some incline presses and move gradually through to the decline. All while focusing on getting those weights up in the air!


It sounds good but in reality, it’s looking at this all wrong according to Vince.


So what should you be doing instead?


The Vince DelMonte Way to Dumbbell Press


For starters, Vince recommends experimenting with the decline in order to find that perfect spot that works for you. So that means you’re not going to try every different angle under the sun, or end up pointing directly at the ground so that you’re not really using your pecs at all any more.


Instead, you’re adding a slight decline and then performing the movements while really feeling it in your pecs. You should now be able to tell what is working and what’s not working and whether or not you’re really engaging the muscle in the correct way.


If you’re not, then you adjust the bench up a notch or down a notch until you find that sweet spot for you and for your own physiology. We all have different bone lengths and shapes and so one angle will be better for one person and another for another. And you don’t need to worry about training at different angles. As Vince puts it, you’re either training the whole pec, or none of it. There is no in-between!


Once you’ve found that spot, you’re then not going to focus on getting the weights up in the air. Instead, you’re focusing on the pecs. You’re focusing on the movement of the chest itself and not the arms it’s driving. So that means the internal rotation and the aduction of the humorous. This is all that matters – the chest – this is what you’re trying to work if you want to increase size and so it’s a mistake to focus on anything else.


You need to be present, you need to focus on the muscle and you need to feel it working. If you can do that, then your chest will grow even faster.