How to Get Massive Calves

If you see a guy at your gym with really huge calves, then perhaps you can ask him about how to get massive calves. But doing so may only give you an eye-roll as a response, because chances are you’re not the first guy to ask him that question. Fortunately, there’s no eye-rolling in this article; all you get are clear and concise instructions on how to get massive calves.


All you need to do are 4 exercises. You need to do two sets of 30 reps for each, with 60 seconds of rest in between sets. You can follow the Preston Noble calf workout video here so that you know exactly how to perform the exercises and which machines you need to use.




Exercise #1: Donkey Calf Raise

The first thing you need to keep in mind when performing this exercise is that you need to go all the way down, so that you can get a good stretch for the calves. And then at the top, you need to get a good squeeze and contraction. You have to keep in mind these points on every single rep.


You’ll be switching up your foot placements after 10 reps. This is to make sure you hit on all angles of the calves. Also, remember that you are not to lock up your knees, so make sure they are just a bit bent when you exercise.


  • On the first 10 reps, both your feet should be pointed straight forward.
  • On the next 10, you should angle your toes toward each other a little.
  • On the final 10, you should angle your heels toward each other.


After each set, make sure you stretch out your calves so that you can make sure they don’t cramp up in the middle of the sets.


Exercise #2: Seated Calf Raise

Again, it’s the same deal—stretch and contract those calves. Same number of sets and reps, and same switching of foot placements. Then watch the video to get an idea of the proper form and the right machine to use. Don’t forget to stretch your calves while you rest.


Exercise #3: Calf Press on Leg Press

Same instructions as before. But now, you may want to increase the weight so that it’s really heavy. Push into it as hard as you can, as you have the safeties to take care of you.


Exercise #4: Standing Calf Raise

You’ll need a platform and a pair of dumbbells for this one. If you need to, use straps for the dumbbells. This time keep your feet pointing forward for all thirty reps.


You will want to perform this workout about 4 to 5 times a week, and as you progress you will want to use heavier weights while you increase the number of sets.


It does seem like a lot of work just to get massive calves. But learning how to get massive calves isn’t all about looking good. Strong calves can provide you with more powerful jumps. It can also help stabilize your ankle and feet so that they don’t become prone to turning outward or inward. With massive calves, you look good and become a better, stronger athlete as well.

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