How to Pack on Muscle as Fast as Possible

If you’ve ever watched Dragon Ball Z (or perhaps the newer Dragon Ball Super), then you may be familiar with the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. This is a room that the characters can enter into where time moves much more slowly and a single day equates to a single year. This is a very useful plot device for the show, as it means Goku or Vegeta can disappear for a day and then come back looking massively powerful and ready to rumble.

If only there was something like that in real life! Imagine how much easier it would be to prep for a bodybuilding contest – you could leave it until the last day and head onto the stage in your best shape ever!

Well, in this post, we’re going to set out a program that will attempt to do the same thing. This is your ‘hyperbolic mass’ program and the very best strategy to take if you want to pack on real size.

The Training

In terms of the training itself, you’re going to focus on using compound lifts and isolation movements. The compound lifts will come at the start of each session and these will then be followed by isolation movements at the end.

The job of the compound exercises is not to increase testosterone as you might expect – studies actually show us that this doesn’t affect muscle growth. Rather, they are here to help us boost strength and thereby allow us to lift more weight.

The real growth will actually come from the isolation movements. These will include things like preacher curls which will let us really focus on a single muscle group using high repetitions to create maximum hypertrophy through the build up of metabolites. You’re aiming for muscle burn here.

We’ll use a ‘bro split’ and we’ll keep each session short but intense. The aim is to feel the pump on your given muscle group and then get out. Choose one or two compound lifts to start the session, focus on using drop sets and giant sets for the target muscle group and then rest.

Live Like a Lion

This isn’t the important part though. For the most accelerated growth, the important part is how you rest afterward and how you eat big.

Our aim is to eat at least 1 gram of protein for every 1 pound of muscle. We also need to get lots of saturated fat so that our body can create lots of testosterone.

If the aim is to bulk fast then this is going to be a dirty bulk and you’re going to want to maintain a big caloric surplus. This is what will prevent your blood sugar from dipping and what will keep you in a highly anabolic growth state. As soon as that sugar dips, your body starts to burn through fat and muscle.

Most importantly of all though: you’re going to sleep lots and rest. Your sleep target has just gone up to at least 9 hours and the more you can get the better. Try to a void stress or cardio activity during your waking hours too.

The aim here is to live like a lion: train big, eat big, sleep big and rest big!

Bulking Stack

One of the best ways to enhance muscle growth is with the help of a stack that combines a couple of supplements. Bulking Stack from Crazy Mass is an amazing stack that combines 4 supplements that mimic steroids that are known for bulking effects minus any kind of side effects.

This stack consists of D-ANAOXN(mimics Dianabol), Deckadrolone (mimics Deca Durabolin), T-Bal 75 (mimics Trenbolone Acetate) and Testosteroxn (dual potency testosterone booster). This stack is highly effective and can help you gain massive pounds of muscle in just an 8 weeks cycle.

Users have been reporting excellent results. These supplements boost both protein synthesis and nitrogen retention resulting in massive muscle gains. They also promote flow of oxygen to the muscles during workout to enhance strength and energy. Deckadrolone is highly effective for providing joint support too. Testo Max not only increases free testosterone in the body but also helps boost libido.