How To Pump Your Chest at Home

If you want to pump up your chest at home, first and foremost exercise that comes to mind is a simple push up. Apart from that, most fail to think of any other chest exercise they can do at home without any kind of equipment like dumbbells, barbells etc.

However, push ups can be performed in a variety of ways and can help you get and amazing pump.

Here’s a small and awesome chest workout that you can do at home with in minutes still manage to get an awesome pump:

  1. 12 Normal Push Ups
  2. 5 Spider Man Push Ups (Each Side)
  3. 8 Hindu Push Ups
  4. 8 Explosive Pause Push Ups
  5. 7 Pop Up Push Ups
  6. 12 Wide Push Ups
  7. 6 Single-Arm Push Ups (each side)
  8. 6-10 Practice Planche Push Up

Give a rest of 20-30 seconds between each exercise. Just 2 sets of all these exercises should leave you exhausted by the time you are done with it.

This is a sweet and short workout that can help you get great results.


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