How to Send Your Testosterone Through the Roof

How do steroids make you incredibly powerful?

The simple answer is testosterone. Steroids interact with the androgen receptors and trigger major changes throughout the body such as increased body hair and muscle mass, along with decreased body fat. Beyond this, testosterone makes us more virile, more driven and more ‘alpha’ – even deepening the voice and growing the bones. The proof is in the pudding; it would simply not be possible to get the kind of physiques you see professional bodybuilders sporting without steroids.

But steroids also happen to be incredibly bad for you and highly dangerous. In fact, they can even damage your testosterone levels permanently if you’re unlucky.

So what if you could increase testosterone levels naturally? Could you approach anywhere near the same level of anabolism?

Some Key Facts You Probably Don’t Know

The first thing to recognize is that no, you really can’t increase testosterone to anywhere near the degree you would see with steroids. But you sure can boost levels to a high degree compared with your fellow natties.

Let’s start with one fact you may not know: your testosterone levels are naturally highest between 4-6am every day. You can take advantage of this surge in testosterone by fuelling it in the night before.

Another useful thing to remember is that your testes synthesize testosterone from cholesterol. So if you thought that cholesterol was very bad for you, then think again. Only trans-fats are bad for you and any natural animal or plant fats will help you to build more muscle.

Now try eating a few eggs or Brazil nuts just before bed and then do the exact same thing first thing in the morning.

This also has the handy benefit of removing that early morning sugar spike and insulin spike that many of us get from carbs first thing in the morning. Fuel yourself with protein instead and you’ll have a nice, gradual energy release throughout the day, while also staying more anabolic.

More Strategies

Micronutrients are also very important for healthy testosterone production. In particular, you need to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D and magnesium – all of which will fuel your testosterone production and trigger its release. Look for a decent multivitamin if you’re struggling to get this in your diet naturally. As for vitamin D, the best place to get that is outdoors. Try spending more time each week outdoors and you’ll feel MUCH stronger in no time at all.

Another tip is to make sure you are sleeping properly. To take full advantage of the aforementioned 4am-6am window, you need to be in a deep sleep!

Finally, try looking into supplements like Testosteroxn from Crazy Mass to give yourself an edge. These supplements are made from numerous micronutrients, herbs and other ingredients that have been shown in laboratory studies to drastically increase testosterone. Combined into a single product, those ingredients become even more potent and can have quite incredible effects.

To recap then:

  • Eat eggs, nuts and other protein last and first thing
  • Get lots of micronutrients
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Prioritize sleep
  • Try Testosteroxn from Crazy Mass


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