How to Set Your Training Split for Muscle & Strength Gains

Split training in the first place means splitting your workout regimes with each part of the body being targeted in individual sessions.  It usually involves upper body and lower body training. The concept can get even more specific when the objective is muscle and strength gain. Training gets individualistic when the goals are different with various muscle groups being targeted for training splits.

  • So, how does one get the correct training split for muscle and strength gain?
  • How to make quick progress?
  • How to know if you are on the right track?

These are some of the questions that crop up when people want to go in for positive training. Before, you set out on a training session to gain muscle mass and strength answer a few basic questions like

  • What is the objective of the workout regime?
  • How meaningful and important is it for you?


Training splits for Muscle and strength gains for beginners:

The right type of split training for beginners fetches encouraging results for a few weeks. In the case of newbies, the training split for gaining strength and muscle is almost the same in all circumstances. A beginners goal in bodybuilding is usually an impressive physique. However, as training progresses, knowledge and understanding improves. Slowly, the aesthetics, proportions and shape gain importance.

The first pull to muscle and strength training is a muscular attractive physique. Beginners need to understand the following thumb rules

  • To gain muscles, you need to first improve your strength.
  • In order, to get impressive muscle mass, one should never overlook muscle stimulation and shape.
  • The relation between muscle strength and size is directly proportionate. The level of muscle development and the height indicate the relative strength.

Bodybuilding for muscle gain, shape and improved strength:

Therefore, training splits must concentrate on both mass gain as well as strength with equal stress on shape and symmetry. Bodybuilding is not all about gaining muscle mass and becoming muscularly as large as possible. It also means shaping the body aesthetically and proportionately. This can be achieved through better training methods and superior quality nutrition, which includes supplements as well.

So, how does one go about strength and muscular training?


The proper way for a complete beginner is to exercise on the main targets with higher frequency. The initial strength a beginner gains is quick, when the training frequency is at least two- three times a week. This way, the muscles that are weak are trained to improve and the nervous system slowly adapts to the training and the muscle fibers slowly but steadily, increase in size and contribute to strength.

In the beginning stages, the weights are not very heavy and intense, so muscle damage is very limited. The recovery period is short and hence resting intervals also tend to be limited.

It is important to note here that a great frequency of training splits work only when the volume of the intense training is optimal and adjusted to suit your body type. The exercises, in consultation with a qualified gym trainer, must be done in cycles and continuously repeated to increase practice and improve the body’s adaptability to intense workouts at a later stage. This is probably the sure-fire and best way to gain your goals of fast muscle and strength gains.


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