Hulk Hogan Steroid Scandal

Hulk Hogan is one of the best-known athletes in wrestling and like several of the greatest from the sport, he has managed to transition into film, television and popular culture. Hulk Hogan has starred in his own movies, even appeared in Rocky III, and now has returned to wrestling.

Hogan’s real name, however, is Terry Gene Bollea. And while he has known a lot of success, he is also no stranger to scandal and controversy. And particularly scandalous was the trial of his former employer, Vincent K. McMahon, who was accused at the time with providing his wrestlers with steroids.

The Case

Of course, what made this such bad news for Hogan was that he was among those employees who had taken steroids from McMahon. When McMahon’s dodgy dealings came out in the wash, Hogan’s reputation was smeared along the way.

Under oath, Hogan admitted that he would pick up steroids ‘along with his paycheck, fan mail or whatever’. He said that the reason he took steroids was not only in order to look the part for the show but also to help heal injuries that he picked up while wrestling so that he could keep going.

This is one of the lesser known benefits of steroids among those who have never used them: steroids build muscle by enhancing tissue recovery and this allows athletes to train harder, recover faster and to keep on going even during intense seasons.

Hogan admitted all of this to a room of 80 people.

It was a sad moment for Hogan who in court appeared to take up a lot less space than he did on stage. Suddenly the 62 year old looked his age.

But as Hogan stepped out of the courtroom, he turned to the cameras and said:

“Better watch the Pay Per View this Sunday, brother!”

Turns out that Hogan is still alive and well!


So what do we take from all this? That wrestlers decades ago used steroids? This should really come as no surprise seeing as steroids like Deca and Dbol were fairly new at the time and very common. The health risks were not as fully understood.

Of course this doesn’t make it okay that wrestlers were being encouraged to take damaging, illegal substances – or that it was necessary in order for them to keep going.

But perhaps the most pressing question now is whether Hogan is still using steroids in order to stay ahead. At 62, he could certainly use some help to ‘keep going’ now and if you look at his physique, it’s highly likely that he is getting some kind of help.

But seeing as he is able to talk so candidly on the subject, perhaps it’s not entirely likely that he’s on the same steroid regimen. Perhaps instead, he has turned to HGH like many other ageing athletes.

Or maybe he’s turned over a new leaf and is using legal alternatives like Crazy Mass supplements? We know now that these are nearly as effective and completely safe. If he wants to fight for another decade, it would be the wise choice!

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