Intense 5 Minute Barbell Chest Workout

All you need to build an incredible chest, is a single barbell and five minutes. Don’t think that you can get a seriously taxing workout in that time with such a simple, singular piece of equipment? Then read on and you’ll see just how versatile this single item actually is!

You don’t even need a bench!

Standing Alt Fly

The standing alt fly is a fly you can do standing up and with no resistance machine. How does it work? Simple: one end of the bar will balance on the floor, while the weight end goes up in the air. You then hold the barbell at the top in one hand on one side (with the bottom in your center) and you let your arm extend out and backwards, just as though you were performing a regular fly.

The key here is to really feel a stretch on the pec: that stretch alone can be enough to trigger some serious growth and it will also warm you up ready.

Standing Alternating Press

You’re now going to move straight into an alternating press. You’re going to be in a similar position, but now you’re just pushing the bar out and away. This will allow you to train with a slightly lesser stretch and a slightly easier angle of resistance – which is perfect for what is going to act as a drop set.

Standing Upward Fly

Next comes the standing upward fly. This will be performed so that you’re flying the bar in just the same way, but now starting from a slightly lower position and bringing the arm upwards at the same time. This is not going to be a curl mind: the weight should be pushing towards your torso and you should be keeping your elbow straight throughout the movement.

Standing Landmine Press

For this one, you are going to hold the bar in the center and then push it with both arms upwards and outwards. This trains the pecs and allows you to use a slight upward motion and also to now use a bilateral movement (using both arms at the same time). This lowers the resistance, again creating a kind of drop set here where you’re lowering the weight each time in order to allow yourself to keep going and keep building more and more pump.

Floor Press

For this one, you’re going to lie on the ground and then simply press the barbell up off the floor. Your elbows won’t be able to come back as far as they normally might, but you can still get a decent workout this way and especially when it comes at the end of your routine.


You’ll perform these exercises back to back with no rest in between, one minute each. Together, they should be enough to trigger growth in record time BUT if you want to go for broke, you can always repeat the circuit two or three times and gain extra credit!