Intense 5 Minute Dumbbell Bicep Workout #2

As I have already said in my earlier posts, I am a great fan of Anabolic Aliens. They have been posting some great videos for workouts and you can do some of them at home with just a pair of dumbbells and yet sweat like crazy.

This is a 5-minute workout for your biceps and all you need is a pair of dumbbells. I would suggest that you do this workout with a medium weight dumbbell since its going to be brutal.

This workout includes 5 exercises and you need to them for one minute each without a break in between. So, set your timer to 5 minutes and you are ready to go.

Exercises included in this workout:

  • Curl Circles
  • Reverse Curl Circles
  • Alternate Tension Curls
  • Wide Hammer Curls
  • Upright Curls
  1. Curl Circles – Grab a set of dumbbells and begin with curl circles. All you need to do is start by doing dumbbell curls as you would normally do and when you reach the top bring down dumbbells in a circular motion. Squeeze your biceps at the top and remember to do full range of motion. Try doing as many reps as possible within a minute. If you find it hard to go for a minute, relax for a second, stretch out your biceps and continue again. Keep it mind that you do not have to pause for more than a few seconds in this workout.
  2. Reverse Curl Circles – This is just the opposite of the first exercise. Just do it the other way as you would do the above exercise. Try to do as many reps in one minute as possible. Stick to the form while doing this exercise.
  3. Alternate Tension Curls – In this exercise, you don’t need to do the full range of motion. Keep your elbows upward and try to do bicep curls. Keep constant tension on your biceps. Squeeze them at the top. This is not as simple as it sounds and it can sure get blood rushing to your biceps. Trust me, you’ll get an awesome pump after just one minute of this exercise.
  4. Wide Hammer Curls – This is another great exercise to help build your biceps. Instead of doing regular hammer curls, you need to do this exercise with a wide grip. Like other exercises mentioned above, try to do as many reps as possible in a minute. Keep your elbows fixed throughout the movement.
  5. Upright Curls – Bend your back a little forward and grab a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Squeeze your biceps as you get the dumbbells up and down. Like other exercises, you need to do as many reps as possible in a minute in this exercise. This is the last exercise in this routine and you’d be all sweat in just 5 minutes flat.

Once you are done with this workout, just relax and have your favorite protein.