Intense 5 Minute Kettlebell Tricep Workout

Want big guns? Then it’s crucial to remember that arms should be 2/3rds tricep. Too many people will focus almost purely on biceps, building up big arms while totally forgetting that the triceps are actually more important.

Part of the problem is that triceps just aren’t as easy to train. Think about how many exercises you know that target the biceps in an isolated manner, then think about how many exercises that do the same for the triceps. Chances are that you’re looking at half the number or even less! And most of these moves require more than a set of dumbbells, making them hard to use from home!

But there is, in fact, no shortage of triceps exercises. The deficit is simply in your knowledge. Let’s change that! Grab a kettlebell and get ready for a punishing five minutes that will absolutely blast the back of your guns.

Perform this once if you just want a quick finisher that will absolutely flood those triceps with lactic acid and metabolites. Or try doing it for multiple rounds to create an entire workout! One minute for each exercise.

Closed Tate Press

This is basically a chest press you can perform lying on the floor. The difference is all in the way you grip the kettlebell. You’re going to have your palms facing downward toward your feet, and you’re going to hold onto either side of the handle in this way. The kettlebell will thus be positioned directly over the sternum, and you’re going to be straightening the arms by engaging the triceps with each rep to press it above you.

Close-Grip Bench Press

This is basically the same move, but now with a supinated grip – still on either side of the kettlebell. This is going to feel more like a push and it is going to involve the pecs and the shoulders slightly more. You should find that with this movement, your elbows are in closer to the sides of the body.

Close-Grip Skull Crusher

We all know the skull crusher but what you might not know is how well it translates to the kettlebell. Just lie on the ground with the kettlebell right over the face, and then let the elbows bend so that it hangs just behind the top of your head. Straighten at the elbow to perform reps.

Alternating Kickbacks

This is another one you likely know well. You’re going to be kicking the tricep backwards on each rep holding the top of the kettlebell handle. Make sure that you pass to the other hand in front as you go, thereby training both sides equally.

Time for the last move in the circuit!

Close-Grip Overhead Extension

Hold the kettlebell firmly in both hands, gripping each side of the handle. You’re standing now and the kettlebell is right over your head. Now let the arm bend, holding the kettlebell right behind your head, before you straighten it right up again.

Again – it’s a simple move that you perhaps hadn’t thought of mixing up with a single kettlebell!

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