Is Dianabol Safe to Use? How to Take Dbol Safely

Dianabol is often considered to be one of the safest steroids on the market; if not the safest.

But when you’re talking about steroids, ‘safe’ is very much a relative term. In reality, this drug is still an illegal performance enhancing substance and it still carries a lot of different types of risk.

So just what is the deal with this drug? Why do so many people believe it’s safe if that isn’t the case? And what can you do to minimize any risk?



Why Dbol is Safer

So Dbol is safer and certainly not safe. This is a drug that elevates testosterone and increases the body’s ‘anabolism’ as a result. That means that you’ll naturally build more muscle and burn more fat.

This is how the majority of steroids work in fact. But this is also where a lot of the negative side effects come in.

For starters, having too much testosterone in the blood is actually bad for us in itself in a number of ways and can lead to a number of symptoms. High testosterone is responsible for acne, greasy skin, difficulty sleeping, male pattern baldness (in some men), aggression and more. Recent studies have even found that testosterone suppresses the parts of the brain that are associated with empathy and understanding the emotions of others! This could very realistically then lead to strain in your relationship.

On top of this, testosterone converts into oestrogen – the female hormone. This has many of the opposite effects of testosterone, leading to increased water retention, weight gain (fat) and even the formation of breasts.

What makes Dbol so good in the eyes of many bodybuiders and athletes, is that it doesn’t directly increase testosterone. Rather, it increases ‘dihydrotestosterone’ or ‘DHT’, which is actually a stronger form of testosterone but doesn’t have many of these same side effects. It also can not be converted into oestrogen.

But Problems Remain…

But this is not to say that Dianabol is safe. Unfortunately, it can still place a strain on the liver (as most steroids do) and it can still elevate the levels of testosterone in the blood to unsafe levels. The biggest concern here is that the body might eventually reduce its natural production of testosterone as a response to these elevated levels. When this happens, the testes stop producing as much and the user is forced to rely on hormone replacement therapy.

Some users will use Dianabol in very small quantities – doses of around 20-25mg in many cases. This then doesn’t affect endogenous testosterone to the same degree or place too much strain on the liver. Nevertheless though, it is still a concern and still a risk that users will take.

And apart from all that? Dianabol is an illegal substance. That means it can only be purchased from illicit sources, which in turn means there’s no regulation and you can never be sure what you’re getting.

The only way to truly be safe is to avoid taking steroids altogether. Thankfully, companies like Crazy Bulk provide safe alternatives that can still be very potent and effective. D-Bal from Crazy Bulk mimics dianabol without any of its harmful side effects. It’s a powerful muscle and strength gainer that’s a hot favorite among bodybuilders. It’s  definitely worth a try if you want to bulk up with some solid muscle.


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