Is it Possible to Buy Dianabol Online Legally in the UK?

Dianabol is one of the most popular steroids in the UK and the biggest reason for this is perhaps it’s perceived safety. Many people believe Dianabol to be one of – if not the – safest anabolic steroid on the market. This is the choice of steroid for women who want to build bigger muscle without damaging their hormone balance and it’s also the anabolic steroid that a GP would be most likely to prescribe for a range of conditions.

For these reasons, you might be wondering if Dianabol is legal in the UK and how you would find it online if so. Let’s take a closer look…

canstockphoto20309325Is Dianabol Legal in the UK?

The simple answer is that unless you have a prescription, Dianabol is not legal in the UK. In fact, no anabolic steroid is legal here in the UK or in other countries like the US. And actually, Dianabol is much less likely to be legal here in the UK where we actually have stricter laws on this kind of thing. Often when buying a non PED supplement from the US, you’ll find that the UK version has weaker ingredients in order to circumvent the more stringent laws! So Dianabol is not legal in the UK, far from it!

Is this the right call? Well that’s really a matter of opinion. But what you have to understand is that this is still a serious drug and is by no means safe. In fact, Dianabol comes with a laundry list of potential side effects just like any anabolic steroid. These include side effects relating to increased testosterone like mood swings, sweating, insomnia and more. Worse, it is liver toxic and it can end up damaging your natural, endogenous testosterone production potentially leading to impotence and leaving you permanently on hormone replacement therapy.

Can You Buy it Online?

That said though, it is relatively possible to buy Dianabol online thanks to its milder nature. Because this is available on prescription, there are several sites that buy it and it is easier to obtain than some of the more ‘exotic’ drugs in this class.

Should you? Certainly not. Not only is it illegal and dangerous in its own right, but buying from these sorts of sources means that you have no way of knowing what you’re really getting. You could literally be ingesting anything and this puts your life at stake every time you do.

There is an alternatively though that allows you to buy something like Dianabol online legally in the UK. That would be D-Bal from Crazy Bulk. D-Bal is a supplement that has been designed specifically to mimic the effects of Dianabol and to this end, it uses natural ingredients that have been shown in studies to elevate the testosterone levels and increase muscle hypertrophy, fat loss and more.

If you’re looking for a way to buy muscle building supplements online legally and safely, this is the only way. And it really does work!

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