Is LeBron James Guilty of Steroid Use?

Finding out that your favorite athlete uses or used steroids can feel a little like finding out that Santa isn’t real. Suddenly the ‘magic’ disappears and you’re left with a regular guy who used drugs to get ahead. No longer can you imagine that with enough training, you could do the same thing – now you just find yourself thinking ‘cheater’.

This is why it’s important that we be sure before we start tearing down our icons. LeBron James is an NBA legend who has been repeatedly accused of using steroids. But the question is whether or not those accusations have any credibility. Let’s take a closer look and see what the facts are.

Basketball and Steroids

One of the issues involved here is the fact that basketball as a sport is somewhat behind other sports when it comes to identifying and penalizing athletes that use drugs. This means that the use can still be somewhat rife without repercussion.

So why LeBron? Well, in 2015 LeBron became the youngest player ever to score 25,000 points in the NBA. And before that he had a very illustrious career at his local high school. While it’s perfectly possible that he could have achieved these feats naturally, it does cause one to question whether there might have been a bit more than luck and talent on his side.

Another thing to consider is that LeBron has had run-ins with the rules in the past. For instance, he has violated OHSAA rules leading to the suspension in the past and has also been penalized for accepting gifts. If he is known to bend the rules in other areas, perhaps this could lead to him bending the rules elsewhere.


One of the best ways to identify potential steroid use is, of course, to look at the physique. LeBron certainly has an impressive and ripped physique but there’s nothing out of the ordinary here that might lead to us accusing him of steroid use. He is lean yes but not ridiculously low body fat. And while his biceps look impressive, his arms are relatively thin overall.

If he is using steroids then chances are that it’s not with the aim of bulking. And this then leads us to question why he would consider steroids. Sure, it could help his training and improve his strength – but it wouldn’t have any benefit in terms of height, aim or speed – all things that have the biggest impact in basketball.

With so much to lose, it’s hard to imagine that he would consider the minor gain from steroids worth it. You never know, but at this point, we don’t have significant cause to suspect LeBron of cheating. And this is the stance we should always take when looking at athletes – innocent until proven guilty!

Perhaps instead, LeBron is using natural supplements to enhance his testosterone and improve his performance? You’d be surprised what a difference a stack of creatine, protein shake, and some products can make!

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