Is Trenbolone Good for Fat Loss? Is it Good for Cutting?

Trenbolone is often touted as one of the most potent PEDs currently on the market. This is an anabolic steroid that, like many others, works by binding to the androgen receptors. Where Trenbolone is different though is in just how strong that binding affinity is. Specifically, Trenbolone has five times greater binding affinity than even testosterone itself. This is in addition to a number of additional effects – including increased appetite, reduced muscle catabolisation (via reduced myostatin) and better protein synthesis.

When you combine all these effects, it’s certainly true that Trenbolone is an incredible tool for hypertrophy. But how does it stack up when it comes to weight loss?

canstockphoto11649121The Plus Sides: Testosterone

On the one hand, Trenbolone will aid with fat loss in the same way that any other anabolic does: by increasing testosterone which not only builds more muscle but also helps to burn more fat. Testosterone is of course the primary ‘male’ hormone and is responsible for all the myriad differences between men and women. This includes not only the muscle mass but also the lower body fat that men display.

On top of this, testosterone also increases other hormones like growth hormone which help to burn through fat. And by increasing energy, they can help you to train harder and thus burn more calories during any given workout.

The Downsides

That said though, there are many negative considerations when you look at Trenbolone for fat loss. For starters, Trenbolone leads to increased appetite. This is actually how the myostatin is reduced – seeing as myostatin is linked with cortisol, which in turn is linked to low blood sugar/leptin. This means that you’ll find it harder to diet but at the same time, will possibly see lesser breakdown of muscle and other tissues. Likewise, with protein synthesis – a process that is also linked with other types of tissue storage.

Combine these factors and it becomes immediately apparent that Trenbolone is ideal for bulking and not cutting. Similarly, if you’re looking to burn fat then there are many better substances out there. For example, you might choose Winstrol which also increases the amount of red blood cells making their way around the body and breaking down fat. Or you might choose Clenbuterol – not a steroid at all – in order to increase your metabolism as well as to increase the red blood cells.

Then there are all the risks that you normally get with any anabolic steroid. These include liver toxicity as well as decreased naturally testosterone production and many side effects associated with high testosterone in the short term.


For these reasons, you might find that Trenbolone has some benefits when it comes to fat loss but these will likely be outweighed by the negatives. There are much better options out there for losing weight and if you’re interested in bulking then you might still find that Trenbolone is overly dangerous. In this latter scenario, something like Trenorol from Crazy Bulk will be a much safer option that still offers profound benefits.

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Any supplement is likely to have its pros and cons. Even though Trenorol is safe and free of side effects, you must not have it if you have a medical condition. You must also not use it if you are below 18 years of age.

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