Ketogenic Smoothie

A ketogenic diet is one great way to get yourself the cuts you’re looking for without losing muscle mass. The only problem is sticking to such a diet when so much of what we eat consists heavily of carbohydrates – and when we rely on those carbohydrates often to stay energetic and productive.


Fortunately, Rob Riches is here with a recommendation to help you stick to that goal. Specifically, in this video, Rob is sharing a smoothie recipe he uses to keep his blood sugar low and his energy levels high.




What is a Ketogenic Diet?

For most of us, a regular diet will consist of large amounts of carbohydrates, which the body will then use as fuel for our movements and activities. To do this, the body breaks down the sugar in those foods to create glucose, which in turn gets converted to ATP and used to power the cells.


This is all good and well but there is a problem – which is that sugar is also what the body most likes to store as fat. If you consume too much sugar and end up with a ‘caloric surplus’, then your body is going to look for somewhere to store that energy. And guess how it does that? By creating fat cells of course!


To avoid this, a ketogenic diet involves switching from carbohydrates as the premiere energy source. In fact, you completely remove carbs from the diet and instead survive purely on fats and proteins. What this does, is that it forces the body to adapt to that high fat content and low sugar content. This means that the body will learn to convert fats into ‘ketone bodies’ in the liver.


Not only does this encourage fat loss but it also makes the body more efficient and it reduces insulin sensitivity. And because you’re still allowed to eat protein and fat, you’ll have no problem continuing to build massive muscle mass.


The Shake

So a ketogenic smoothie then needs to consist of foods that are free from carbohydrates, while still allowing you to hit your macros everywhere else.


To make the shake, you simply need a smoothie maker and the following ingredients:

  • 100% Food Keto (121g)
  • Cashew Milk (12oz)
  • Walnuts (40g)
  • 1 Tpsn Golden Linseed


The raw keto mix from 100% food is designed to provide protein while at the same time providing all the micronutrients that you get from real food.


Combined with nuts and seeds, you’ll be adding in even more fiber, micronutrients and essential fatty acids. What’s more, is that you’ll be providing slower and more gradually releasing energy throughout the day.


In total, you’ll be getting:

  • 382kcal
  • 22g protein
  • 10g Carbs
  • 28g Fat


So not quite zero carbs there but close enough to get the effect we’re looking for! And that’s a lot of protein and fuel we’re still managing to pack in.


The best bit though? This mix is absolutely delicious and something you’ll actually look forward to making and drinking. Which in turn means you’re much more likely to actually stick with it…