Liquid Testosterone – Pros, Cons and Alternatives

Liquid testosterone is simply testosterone that can be injected directly in order to increase levels within a person’s body.

Testosterone, of course, is a naturally occurring steroid hormone that is produced in the male testes as well as the adrenal glands in smaller quantities. This is why men have more testosterone than women, and it is what is responsible for many of the physical differences between the two genders. Testosterone gives men many of their traditionally masculine traits such as increased muscle mass, deeper voices, greater physical strength and heightened libido.

Why Use Liquid Testosterone?

Increasing testosterone via injections can be desirable for two reasons. The first, is in order to overcome the symptoms of low testosterone. Many men experience low testosterone as they reach older age and as such, they can find themselves needing a little extra ‘boost’ in the form of injectable liquid T.

The other reason that men may use liquid testosterone, is to enhance their performance in athletic pursuits – particularly bodybuilding. Increasing testosterone increases muscle mass and lowers body fat, resulting in a much more toned and honed physique than would be possible otherwise.

When you use liquid testosterone, you are using a form of synthetic testosterone such as testosterone enanthate or cypionate. This means the testosterone has been formulated for external use and has slightly different properties owing to the way it is delivered. Effectively though, both types of testosterone will act on the body in just the same way that ‘regular’ testosterone would. Fortunately though, because it is still testosterone, it shouldn’t be liver toxic.

So, the question is: why isn’t everyone injecting it? And should you be?

The Risks

The problem with liquid testosterone is that you are elevating your testosterone levels above what is normal or healthy. When your testosterone exceeds natural levels, this can lead to a number of symptoms associated with high T, which include such things as acne, insomnia, sweating and mood swings.

Think back to being a typical ‘moody teenager’. Remember how angry you were? And how red and sore your skin was? This was because of the increased testosterone. Only now, you’ll also be at risk of hair loss if you have sensitive hair follicles.

Another issue to consider, is that excess testosterone can convert into estrogen. This can result in the formation of male breasts – a condition called gynecomastia.

Perhaps worst of all though, is that when the body detects excess testosterone in the system, it often responds by dialing down natural production. This can result in permanent changes that render the user with permanently low levels – which can also cause depression, impotence and weight gain. If you use liquid testosterone for a short time, you might find yourself permanently relying on it.


This is why it is a much better idea to rely instead on natural alternatives. Products such as Testo Max from Crazy Bulk  focus on elevating the body’s natural production of testosterone by providing the very nutrients that it uses to stimulate production and formulate the hormone.

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