Magnesium and Testosterone – Why Magnesium is Important to Boost Testosterone?

If you want to boost testosterone, then one of the most effective ways to do so is by increasing magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that can be found in our diet and which is crucial for a range of different functions – including our use of testosterone.

Specifically, magnesium can be found in our diet and is contained in spinach and other green leafy vegetables. Likewise, it can be found in a range of supplements and bodybuilding products where it will often be listed as ‘ZMA’. ZMA also contains Zinc, which is another mineral that has been implicated in the production of testosterone and which is thus very synergistic when combined with magnesium.

How Magnesium Works

Magnesium is useful in our production of testosterone for two reasons. For one, it is a mineral that the glands in our body need in order to begin the production of testosterone. Secondly, it also helps us to get to sleep and seeing as we produce the maximum amount of testosterone when we’re asleep, this also has a big positive impact. Bear in mind that sleeping also helps to increase our production of growth hormone, so in short, this is great for your strength and muscle mass all round.

Oh and another positive regarding magnesium for bodybuilders is that it combines with calcium in order to strengthen your bones, ligaments and tendons. Strong bones and connective tissues increase your strength during big lifts and they also prevent your chances of injury.

How Testosterone is Produced

It is our brain that begins telling our body to produce testosterone. A part called the hypothalamus sees that we need more testosterone and it thus secretes a hormone known as gonadotropin-releasing hormone. This then heads to the pituitary gland at the back of our brain which in turn produces luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. These then head to the testes where they stimulate Leydig cells to create extra testosterone. They do this by actually converting cholesterol – from fat in your diet as well as your own body – into testosterone.

Magnesium is used during this process and is a compound that is in many of these hormones. Without it, your brain can’t tell your testes to create more testosterone which makes it a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Bear in mind as well that we lose magnesium through our sweat, so if you’re doing lots of heavy workouts then it doesn’t hurt to consume a little extra magnesium. Studies show that those with low testosterone levels (most people have a testosterone deficiency) can help to increase them back to normal levels.


So what happens if you add ZMA or magnesium to your supplementation? Well for starters, you may well find that you enjoy deeper and heavier sleep that ensures you wake up with more energy. As a result, you’ll perform better in the gym. All the while though, you’ll also steadily increase in testosterone which will mean you lose fat faster, build more muscle and have more energy all throughout the day.