Methandienone Dosage – How to Avoid Dangerous Side Effects

Methandienone is one of the several names for Dianabol and is a potent muscle-building steroid that can give athletes a significant edge in terms of their muscle growth, fat loss, speed, stamina, and strength.

Unfortunately though, like all steroids, it is also highly dangerous and can cause any number of very serious side effects – possibly even fatal ones in some cases.

Methandienone is often hailed as being one of the safer steroids for a number of reasons. Ultimately though, this really just comes down to the way you use it. Methandienone can be one of the safer steroids but it really depends on how you’re going to go about using it.

methandienone dosage

Methandienone Safest Doses

A low dose for men is normally considered somewhere around 20-25mg. At this low level, you can expect methandienone to cause very few side effects compared with more potent drugs or larger amounts. For instance, in one study it was found that after taking 20mg of methandienone for 6 weeks, levels of endogenous testosterone production were only slightly affected. As this is roughly the recommended dosage for men, this is good news. What’s more is that these small amounts are unlikely to cause too much damage to the liver (though there is always a risk).

For women, this amount should, of course, be much lower. A good dosage for a female athlete is generally going to be something in the realm of 2.5mg to 10mg. For women though, any anabolic steroid is going to be potentially much more dangerous with further reaching side effects.

Either way, you need to cycle the use of Dbol and make sure to follow it with PCT (post-cycle therapy) in order to restore natural testosterone levels and prevent suppression of endogenous hormone production.

Growing Bigger with Methandienone

Dianabol was the second anabolic steroid to be discovered and has been widely used by bodybuilders for the past six decades. When it was first introduced, doses would generally be around 10mg, which is a very small amount and would have mild but noticeable effects for men.

As much more potent steroids started to hit the market though, athletes started using methandienone in higher quantities reaching 30-50mg or even beyond. Alternatively, the drug might be stacked with other steroids in order to make them stronger and more effective.

In these scenarios, Dianabol becomes just as potent as many other well-known drugs – and carries just as many risks!


Fortunately, there are alternative options on the market that can offer profound benefits without any of the serious side effects or dangers. One such option is to use a supplement from Crazy Bulk called D-Bal. This product and others like it work by stimulating the body to produce more testosterone naturally. All ingredients are completely natural and safe too; in fact, in many cases, they carry significant health benefits!

So what this means is that you can increase your muscle mass in a safe and healthy manner and without breaking the law. It makes a lot more sense than using dangerous, illegal steroids.