Methandrostenolone and Its Uses in Bodybuilding

Despite the government’s disapproval of anabolic steroids, methandrostenolone is still one of the most widely used anabolic steroid supplements in the bodybuilding community. In fact, it was originally designed for the use of the US Olympic weightlifting team in the 1960s to counter the suspected steroid use of the athletes from the USSR. Today, it is no longer manufactured by any major pharmaceutical company, but bodybuilders can still get it online. It is still widely known by its former brand name Dianabol, or D-bol for short.

canstockphoto11649121The Enduring Popularity of Methandrostenolone

Bodybuilders continue to use Dianabol to this day because the benefits it provides are astonishing. It offers guaranteed, quick, and massive muscle gains, and these gains are considerably superior to what other types of steroids offer. It can increase strength and stamina significantly, and boost lean muscle mass very quickly. It encourages blood follow during workouts, and it improves nitrogen retention as well.

It can also be taken orally, and that makes it very popular with neophyte bodybuilders who are leery of injections. Taking it orally is also much more convenient. Finally, it is very affordable. The price is not only lower than the cost of other steroids, but may even be cheaper than the protein shakes used for supplements.

It is this combination of massive benefits, convenience, and affordability which puts it high atop the anabolic steroid pantheon.


The Side Effects of Methandrostenolone

But just like any other anabolic steroids, its use comes with significant health risks. The most common side effects reported by users include bloating, enlarged breasts in men, baldness, and severe acne. It can also result in mood changes and in extreme aggressiveness. Natural testosterone production is also suppressed, which is why methandrostenolone is often “stacked” (used in combination) with testosterone. Its use for women is also highly discouraged due to its tendency to bring out highly masculine symptoms.

But perhaps its most notable side effects are the potential damage to the liver. Methandrostenolone is extremely toxic to the liver, and for this reason even its most ardent supporters recommend only a short period for its use. Finally, it also causes hypertension, and those who already have problems with their blood pressure are advised not to use methandrostenolone.

Alternatives to Methandrostenolone

Despite the long list of harmful side effects, many bodybuilders persist in using methandrostenolone due to its numerous benefits. This popularity continues despite the fact that modern versions of the supplement are no longer as potent as when methandrostenolone was legal. Modern versions of D-bol are inferior to what it once was.

But medical technology has made tremendous leaps and bounds since the 1960s, and now there are actually alternatives that offer the same benefits but without the side effects. The most well-known and most effective alternative is D-ANAOXN from Crazy Mass, which offers just about every benefit you can get from methandrostenolone but with zero side effects. It is also affordable as well, and as a bonus, it is completely legal to use as a supplement.

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