Oxandrolone Cycle tips for Best Results and Less Side Effects

There is no such thing as a safe steroid and no such thing as a legal steroid. If you opt to use steroids to build muscle mass and burn fat, then you will be putting yourself at risk of serious health problems and you will notice significant side effects.

But while this is true, some steroids are certainly safer than others and some are better for beginners. One of the steroids that is most often preferred by beginners and that is most often considered one of the ‘safest’ for instance, is Anavar – also known as oxandrolone.

Oxandrolone is a steroid that works by increasing DHT. DHT is dihydrotestosterone and is a substance that is very similar to testosterone but which can’t be converted into oestrogen as testosterone can. What this means is that you can get all of the positive benefits of increased testosterone without having to worry about potential gynecomastia, water retention etc.

What’s more, is that Oxandrolone is less potent than other steroids like Deca that work in a similar manner. This means you will notice less impact on your natural testosterone levels – and the liver toxicity is relatively low too.

How to Cycle for the Lowest Side Effects

For this reason, many people choose Anavar as a way to use steroid as safely as possible. To really be safe though, you also need to think about how to create the best cycle.

With that in mind then, know that a dosage of 20mg or less is unlikely to have a significant impact on natural testosterone. Studies show that this dosage over a period of 12 weeks can impact on testosterone but it’s relatively uncommon and most cycles will be shorter than that. Going as high as 40mg can be considered relatively safe though PCT becomes more important at this point.

Specifically, you should probably keep your cycle to 6-8 weeks. Again, if you’re aiming for the absolute safest results then you should stick closer to the 6 weeks rather than 8 weeks. In between you can then run PCT for 2-3 weeks in between and use hCG.

Finally, if you want to minimize the already low liver toxicity, then you should opt for injections rather than oral steroids. Though of course some people don’t like the idea of this. Injecting also increases potency however – so think about it!


If you’re using this cycle, you can expect side effects and risks to be relatively low – but the results will also be lessened. A compromise might be to use around 30mg for 8-week cycles.

Alternatively, if you want to lean more toward the safer side, then why not choose a natural testosterone booster instead? Paravar from Crazy Mass that has been specifically synthesized to emulate the benefits of Anavar but without any of the liver toxicity or impact on endogenous testosterone. This is definitely one to consider and is a great choice for increasing muscle without sacrificing health. Paravar has been getting incredible user reviews and is an important part of the Cutting Stack that is quite popular too.