Plastic and Testosterone – How Plastic is Bad for your Testosterone Levels?

Higher testosterone is something that every guy wants, and especially every guy who is at all interested in packing on lean, powerful muscle.

Testosterone is the ‘male hormone’ and is responsible for feelings of drive, aggression and determination that make someone into an ‘alpha male’. At the same time, testosterone is also able to increase ‘anabolism’ which is the fancy word for our body’s inclination to burn fat and build muscle. Put simply, if you increase testosterone then you will start building extra muscle that looks lean, hard and vascular.

Put it this way: the way that most steroids work is to mimic the effects of testosterone. So by increasing your testosterone naturally you can gain the same performance as someone using steroids without having to actually use the drugs.

So that means taking supplements, exercising, eating right… and avoiding plastic…

What’s that? You don’t see how avoiding plastic could possibly help you to raise your testosterone? I was surprised at first too, but actually, it makes perfect sense when you see how it works…

Introducing: Xenoestrogens

The problem is with something called ‘xenoestrogens’. Xenoestrogens are something that endocrinologists have been warning us about lately because they are ‘endocrine disrupters’. In other words, they are chemicals that negatively impact our natural ability to produce various hormones – including testosterone.

Xenoestrogen is one such endocrine disrupter that works by mimicking testosterone. Your body sees it and basically thinks it’s testosterone, thus causing your T levels to drop because your body thinks you ‘have enough’ free testosterone in your blood.

The worst part? Xenoestrogens are constantly being added to all kinds of things. This is, in fact, one of the reasons that so many men today suffer from low testosterone and have to get hormone replacement therapy and it’s also one of the reasons that more and more boys are being born with ‘hypospadias’ – a condition in which their urethra is on the underside of their penis rather than at the tip.

Xenoestrogens are added to everything from toothpaste to hair shampoos, but they are particularly rife in plastic. If you use plastic containers to store your foods, then you are probably exposing yourself to unnecessarily high levels of these disruptors.

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How to Avoid Xenoestrogens

So how do you avoid these xenoestrogens? There are a few ways that we will take a look at:

  • Avoid plastic containers – Especially when heating up foods. If you put food in a plastic box and then microwave it then you may as well be inhaling estrogen.
  • Eat organic – A number of pesticides and hormones used in non-organic foods can negatively impact T levels in the body. It’s a bit more expensive, but worth it if you care about your T.
  • Avoid synthetic products – Too many shampoos and other cosmetic products contain xenoestrogens. Avoid them by using natural alternatives. Even your toothpaste!
  • Avoid gasoline – You may love the smell of gasoline but it actually contains xenoestrogens so try to limit your exposure!
  • Fight back! – Finally, fight back! Use testosterone-boosting supplements and get your T levels back to normal and beyond!

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