Rob Riches’ Chicken and Quinoa Muscle Meal

When you think of Rob Riches, you might think of his various training videos where he shows us how to train specific muscle groups while avoiding injury and ensuring maximum hypertrophy.


But as any lifter knows, the biggest gains don’t happen in the gym… they happen in the kitchen! This is something that Rob himself knows all-too well, which is why he also has an entire video series dedicated to what he eats.


In this video, he looks at how you can combine the hipster favourite ‘super-food’ quinoa with lots of muscle-building protein. And the results are quite impressive…



As ever, this is a quick meal that anyone should be able to make and that packs in a ton of goodness while ensuring you can meat your macros and micros. Read, watch and learn!



  • Chicken 160g
  • Quinoa
  • Black beans 20g
  • Spinach
  • Seasoning (go wild!)
  • Mushrooms


In this meal, you’ll be relying on your chicken for the main source of protein and from this you should be getting around about 49.22g. That’s a pretty impressive amount right there!


Meanwhile, the quinoa is going to provide the main source of carbohydrates. Add to taste. You can also swap out quinoa for couscous but be warned – couscous is not particularly good for you! It’s not that it’s bad, just that it’s actually fairly calorific without offering you all that much nutrition. It’s also a simple carb and in that regard, it’s little better than eating rice or pasta. Whole wheat couscous will provide you with a little more nutrition but it’s nowhere near as good as quinoa.


What’s also great about quinoa is that it’s a complete protein source, meaning that you’re going to get all of your amino acids. So it’s really worth sticking with the recommendation here!


Finally, you’ll get even more micronutrients and protein (plus healthy fats) from the black beans, while the spinach will provide you with both iron and phytoecdysteroids which have been suggested by some studies to aid with muscle mass. Mushrooms bring even more protein… this really is an anabolic dream!



First, heat the pan and chop the chicken into small pieces. Add some oil and then while that is frying, add your quinoa to a separate pan and add about 2 parts water. Now boil that on a medium heat while everything else is working. Add your spinach to a third pan, boiling once again.


Now add your beans to you chicken as it is frying along with the beans.


While this is all simmering, be sure to add in various spices and herbs to taste. This is your secret weapon in the kitchen as it can really help to make those duller meals a little more interesting and tasty. Rob is a particularly big fan of cayenne pepper, which he not only enjoys the taste of but also appreciates for its mildly thermogenic effect which can elevate the metabolism and help burn even more calories!


You can also add salt, pepper and various other herbs from your spice rack. Once it’s all cooked up, just mix in the quinoa and add some spinach to the side of the plate and you’re ready to go!