Rob Riches’ Maximum Definition Tricep Workout

If you want massive looking arms, then you need to focus heavily on your triceps. Too many people will focus predominantly on their biceps as these are the more ‘popular’ of the arm muscles, but in fact the arms are 2/3rds tricep, so this is a much more important aspect of your strategy.


Rob Riches is a popular bodybuilding and fitness vlogger on YouTube and he has just the thing for those lagging triceps. Here’s how he works them for some real definition.


The Workout

Tricep Push Downs Superset With Overhead Extensions

Rob’s workout starts with a superset between tricep pull downs and overhead extensions. He uses these as a warm up, using just three sets of fifteen relatively light repetitions and paying close attention to the correct form.


Tricep push downs involve the cable pulley machine and pulling the weight directly downwards pivoting at the elbow – make sure not to cheat by putting your weight behind it! Use an overhand pronated grip.


Overhead extensions meanwhile are a bodyweight movement where you lean against a rope or bar and then raise your upper body by pushing downwards to straighten the arms. They’re surprisingly effective and getting your triceps to burn!


Skull Crushers With Dumbbell Skull Crushers

Rob next moves onto skull crushers, which involve bending the arms to lower a barbell from extended position to a position hovering just above the skull.


When he reaches failure he will drop down to a lighter weight or dumbbells. He uses these for three sets of twelve repetitions.


Dips Superset With Diamond Push Ups

Rather than tricep dips, Rob uses regular dips which also works the pecs and shoulders. He often adds extra weight using a heavy chain.


These are then superset with diamond push-ups (incline using a bench). These are push ups where the hands are close together in a diamond shape which puts the focus squarely on the triceps. Not a difficult workout in themselves, but immediately following dips they become much more difficult.


Cable Tricep Kickbacks Superset With Underhand Pull Downs

Rob prefers tricep kick backs with cables as opposed to dumbbells as he feels they are better for maintaining the resistance all the way through the movement.


He then supersets these with underhand pull downs using the cable pulley machine. These are the same as the earlier push downs but with an underhand supinated grip. This changes the position of the triceps which allows them to be targeted from a slightly different angle.


And there you have it – a great triceps workout that hits the muscles from multiple different angles with a lot of intensity. The workout should take no longer than one hour to complete but even in this short amount of time, you should get more than enough of an intense workout to trigger some serious growth in your triceps. The end result? Arms that bulge through your t-shirts, just like the man himself! The only downside is that you might have to spend some money on new clothes…

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