Steroid Abuse and Side Effects for Bodybuilders

There’s no doubt that anabolic steroids can really help build muscles more quickly. But there is also no denying the fact that the use of these illicit substances can really mess up your health. When it comes to steroid abuse and side effects for bodybuilders, the list of unpleasant results is quite long and truly horrifying:

Emotional and psychological chaos

Steroids affect how you feel and think, and the mood swings can be unpredictable and severe. You’re likely to go from being paranoid to feeling depressed. You may also get this psychotic aggression popularly known as roid rage. In some cases, you may even get this feeling of unjustifiable invincibility, which can lead to tragic results when you try to jump off a building.

Gender-based changes

 Steroids mess with your hormones, which can affect you differently depending on your gender. Men will suffer all manners of sexual abnormalities, including a reduced sperm count, impotence, and shrinkage of the penis and testicles. For those who want to develop muscles in order to attract women, the side effects are truly counterproductive. In addition, baldness and the development of more prominent breasts are also possible. Men are also likely to develop prostate conditions.

For women, they may develop symptoms that may make it seem as if they’re turning into men. These symptoms include facial and body hair, loss of menstrual cycle, shrunken breasts, and a deeper voice. Sometimes the clitoris may even go through an abnormal growth.


Skin abnormalities

 Since steroids cause a lot of hormonal mayhem, skin problems are also common. These problems include the skin turning red, blotchy, and greasy, with acne developing on the face and back. The quickness of the muscle growth caused by steroids can thin the skin, which then causes stretch marks. Steroids also affect the liver, which can then lead to jaundice. With this condition, the skin and the eyes turn yellow.


Liver damage

 Steroids can cause extreme liver damage and can even cause cancer. The fact is that our liver can’t metabolize steroids properly and this impairs its ability to filter out dangerous toxins and clear waste products from the body.

Heart disease

Steroids help increase blood pressure and cholesterol damage. Such problems don’t just lead to obesity, they also cause many types of heart disease.

Kidney impairments

 High blood pressure often causes kidney problems. In addition, oral steroids triggers the kidney to work harder, which in turn increases the time it takes for the blood to clot when users are injured or cut. This puts you at risk of bleeding

Eye infections

Long term steroid abuse can cause eye impairments, including glaucoma and cataracts.

There is really no good reason for steroid abuse and side effects for bodybuilders are simply terrible. Make sure you avoid steroids once and for all. The rapid muscle gain isn’t really worth the risk, and in the end, you will just look and feel awful. 


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