Steroidal Saponins and their Benefits

If you’re looking to increase anabolism in your body and gain more muscle mass while losing fat at the same time, then you’ll quickly find that you’re absolutely spoiled for choice. There is certainly no shortage of options here and if anything, you may find you have a hard time narrowing the various products down to find the right choice for you!

Do you use a steroid and risk damaging your health significantly? Do you try a herbal solution like Tribulus Terrestris that has been shown to naturally elevate endogenous testosterone levels? Do you try something like DAA, which boosts testosterone up to 30%? What about SARMS, which act just like steroids in many ways but with fewer negative effects?

Well here’s one more option for you to consider: steroidal saponins!

What Are Saponins?

Saponins are found in over 100 different plant families and can come from beans, legumes, yams, yucca and more. They can also be made into a stable ‘foam’ that is often added to beer, shampoo, soap and more.

Note: eating soap will not help you to build muscle!

The main thing that many people find interesting is the ability of saponins to lower cholesterol in the body (the bad kind) by blocking its absorption.

The Health Benefits of Saponins

That is the first health benefit of steroidal saponins then: blocking the absorption of cholesterol and thereby reducing the unhealthy LDL cholesterol.

At the same time, saponins also come with a host of other great benefits. It is thought that they can actually reduce the likelihood of colon cancer for example by reducing the amount of bile in the colon. In studies, rats given saponins found that their likelihood of developing the condition was reduced.

Saponins also seem to have more general anti-cancer properties and might be effective at reducing the formation of tumors.

What’s most exciting about saponins though, is that they can be used to increase testosterone…

How Saponins Boost Muscle Growth

Perhaps the best-known saponin out there is Tribulus Terrestris. This is a herb that has been shown in countless studies to elevate testosterone naturally and that has been added to pretty much every test booster on the market as a result. This is one of the ‘go-to ingredients’ when it comes to increasing T and stands unchallenged for this reason.

It’s likely that Tribulus Terrestris works via its action on cholesterol. Remember: cholesterol is made into sex hormones and thus the more cholesterol is free in the bloodstream, the more easily you’ll be able to convert that into testosterone. By blocking its absorption, Tribulus and other saponins may indeed be able to increase testosterone and thereby bring about the massive muscle growth associated with that.

And this is why they are classified as ‘steroidal’ – because in high enough quantities they could potentially lead to steroid-like results.

Testosteroxn For the Most Potent Saponins

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