Testosterone Decanoate – The Powerful Benefits and Concerning Side Effects

If you’re looking to build muscle and burn fat, while at the same time improving your energy, your drive, your recovery and even your masculinity, then what you really need is testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone and is responsible for triggering the development of numerous ‘secondary sexual characteristics’ in men, which include the likes of body hair, facial hair, a deeper voice, a stronger jawline, and brow, etc.

But what testosterone can also do, is increase your muscle mass. By binding to androgen receptors found on the muscle tissue itself, testosterone stimulates growth and recovery and this makes it an incredibly powerful tool for bodybuilders.

Many bodybuilders will attempt to trigger these effects by using steroids that act like testosterone and stimulate the androgen receptors in just the same way. But few things are more effective than taking testosterone directly.

What is Testosterone Decanoate?

Taking testosterone is a very powerful and straightforward way to trigger extra muscle development, fat loss and energy. But what is key to understand is that testosterone can come in various different forms and the type you use will have a big impact on your overall success.

One such ‘form’ is decanoate. So what is testosterone decanoate and how does it differ from the competition?

Essentially, decanoate is an ‘ester’. An ester is an organic compound that aids with the pharmacokinetics of any compound. In other words, it helps to carry the drug through the body, and in this way will impact the way that it reacts in the system. Most notably, the ester will have an impact on the half-life of the substance and how long you have to wait before your next testosterone injection.

In the case of testosterone decanoate, the half-life is around 7 days. That means that you’ll need to inject once every seven days. That gives it a longer half-life than many other steroids, such as enanthate.

Benefits and Weaknesses

So is this a good choice for those looking to build muscle?

On the one hand, testosterone is a potent tool for increasing muscle mass and will bring about huge anabolic changes as well as desirable changes to libido, drive, energy, sleep and more. Because it is completely natural, testosterone also has the advantage of not being liver-toxic.

On the other side of the coin though, testosterone has a tendency to be converted into estrogen. This means that it can cause unwanted side effects such as gynecomastia (male breasts), water retention and more. Likewise, it can also suppress the natural production of testosterone, leaving the user listless and unable to build muscle when they finish their cycle.

Finally, using testosterone has a number of direct consequences on the body that are also not desirable. These include acne, sweating, insomnia and male pattern baldness among others!

Best Natural Alternative

Testosterone decanoateSo instead, consider using a natural testosterone booster such as Testosil. These use entirely natural ingredients to stimulate and enforce testosterone production and carry no side effects or risks!

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