Testosterone and Depression – The Link between Depression and Low Testosterone

Increasing testosterone is something that interests many men, as it can help them to increase their physical size and strength as well as helping them to lose body fat and to enjoy better sex and more energy.

Thus testosterone is something that many athletes will focus on in a bid to increase their performance. But while testosterone is a very important hormone for bodybuilders and strength athletes, it’s importance goes well beyond that and can affect men all around the world. For instance, testosterone is very important for your mental health and if you don’t get enough of it then it can very possibly lead to depression.

Testosterone and Mood

Testosterone has the effect in men of improving mood and making you feel not only more positive, but also more driven, more determined and more aggressive. It is testosterone that helps to give us ‘get up and go’ and that makes us attack problems. That’s because it has an important role in helping to establish ‘alpha males’ and all these traits help to make people act ‘more alpha’.

A lack of testosterone, on the other hand, can lead to fatigue, irritability and decreased sex drive – all symptoms which you may notice are eerily similar to depression. As a result, the link between depression and low testosterone has not always been fully understood. Recent studies, however, have found that those men with low testosterone are four times more likely to develop depression over a long period.

For these reasons then, increasing testosterone is something that may help many men to recover from depression. Thus hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that has been used for many years and is becoming increasingly popular.

Could Low Testosterone Be Causing Your Depression?

What’s important to remember at this point is that the majority of the male population actually have clinically low levels of testosterone. Our lifestyles unfortunately simply do not support high levels of T as we don’t get enough sunlight, enough exercise or enough of the right foods. Add in all the female hormones in the water and the xenoestrogens and you have a serious problem.

Making matters worse, is that depression can lower testosterone creating a vicious cycle spiraling deeper and deeper into depression.

So if you feel listless, if you lack energy, or if you find yourself with no ambition to do anything – it might be that you are suffering from low T. This is especially likely if you’re also struggling to pack on muscle or to make yourself heard.

The Solution

So what’s the solution? Getting your doctor to give you hormone replacement therapy might be one idea, but chances are that they’ll be reluctant to do so and will want you to talk about your feelings instead. More to the point HRT can actually end up mitigating your body’s natural ability to produce the hormone as it becomes too used to having it handed to it on a plate.

Instead then, you should look for alternative ways to increase your testosterone. You can do this through a range of supplements as well as through exercise and lifestyle changes.

Natural Testosterone Supplements

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