Testoviron 250mg – Is it an Effective Testosterone Blend for Bodybuilding?

A testosterone blend is a combination of different liquid testosterone types that are used together in a single product. This can then be used by bodybuilders in order to increase their anabolism and help them to build more muscle, burn more fat and enjoy better energy levels, motivation and recovery.

That’s the idea. Of course, the reality is that using any exogenous form of testosterone can be dangerous and there’s only so much this can be mitigated with a careful blend. Let’s take a closer look at Testoviron and see if it is ‘worth it’ for bodybuilders.

What is Testoviron 250mg?

Testoviron is a blend that is manufactured in Germany but sold online around the world, largely from the company Underground Labs (UL). Note that it is illegal to sell Testoviron and should legally only be used with a prescription for medical purposes.

Specifically, Testoviron contains testosterone propionate and testosterone enanthate. This means it contains a testosterone with a short ester and a testosterone with a long ester. That means you’ll get a short term, fast benefit, as well as a longer-term release so that you don’t need to use too many injections in too short a period.

Pros and Cons

As blends go, you can expect Testoviron to provide all of the usual benefits that you would get from other testosterone blends or other forms of liquid testosterone using other esters. Testosterone is the male hormone and encourages muscle growth, fat loss, recovery, motivation, energy and more. For bodybuilders, it can help accelerate progress in terms of strength and size while keeping the body mass lean and while aiding recovery to prevent burn out or injury. All of these things make Testoviron popular among athletes.

On the other hand though, Testoviron also comes with all the usual side effects. For one, that means all of the same side effects associated with high testosterone: things like acne, hair loss, irritability, insomnia and hot flushes. This is very similar to going through puberty in fact – which is a point in our lives when testosterone levels are naturally heightened.

Another risk with something like Testoviron, is that it can raise estrogen levels. This is because testosterone can be converted into estrogen, thereby causing effects such as ‘puffiness’ (water retention) and gynecomastia (male breasts).

Worse still, is that exogenous testosterone use can cause the body to shut down natural, endogenous testosterone production. This can leave you permanently reliant on external sources of testosterone such as TRT and leads to depression and even impotence.

The Answer

The problem is that you can’t simply increase testosterone levels by injecting more. The answer is to instead stimulate the body to ramp up its own natural testosterone production. One way to do this is with a supplement such as Testosteroxn from Crazy Mass. This uses natural ingredients that have been shown to support the body’s own production of testosterone. This way you can bring your natural production to the absolute maximum without breaking the law, supporting illegal business or risking your health.

Testosteroxn is supposed to be twice as powerful as other competing brands in the market. Crazy Mass is a company that has been in business since 2006 and its range of legal steroids and bodybuilding supplements is a massive hit.

Some of the other competing brands include Marine Muscle, Crazy Bulk, and HGH.com (Purity Select).

Check out the table below to compare testosterone boosters from each of these brands:

Testosteroxn by Crazy Mass
Testo Max
Trooper by Marine Muscle
Testosterone Plus from HGH.com
Increases male hormone or Testosterone safely and naturally, Has both anabolic and androgenic qualities, Increases Muscle Mass and Strength, Enhances Fat Burning, Increases Libido and Gives a Boost in the Bedroom Increases natural testosterone production, boosts muscle growth, increases strength, speeds up recovery, enhances libido, great for bulking and cutting cycles Increases Free Testosterone, Creates Anabolic Environment in the body, Boosts Strength, Increases Lean Muscle, Helps Speed Up Recovery, Helps Get Over Plateaus, Boost Fat Burning in the Body, Enhances Libido or Sex Drive, Shows Results in less than 2 Weeks Enhances testosterone and HGH, Developed with input from IFBB pros, Increases lean muscle, Boosts fat burning, Speeds up recovery, Increases energy, Enhances stamina, Boosts libido
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