The Amazing Effects of the Ab Interlude Workout

Efficiency in bodybuilding is usually defined as getting the most benefits while doing the workout in the least amount of time possible. That’s why this ab interlude workout program from BSN is part of the 29:59 series—it takes less than an hour to do, which can benefit a lot of people because very few have the time to dedicate an hour and a half for their abs workouts.

With this workout, you can have a short interlude workout for your abs so that you still have lots of time to get in a full body workout for the day. It consists of 5 exercises, with 3 to 5 sets of 8 to 12 reps.

  1. Decline Med Ball Toss. This is a classic exercise that’s been around for years. While it’s best to do with a partner when you toss the ball, it can also be done solo by facing a wall.
  2. Incline Barbell Press. This is a very challenging exercise, but the benefits are worth it. It’s so difficult that this is best done with a spotter as a backup. While it’s not an advisable exercise for the ladies, for men it’s perhaps the best chest exercise of them all.
  3. Pull Up Hanging Leg Raise Hybrid. This is a favorite among the BSN trainers, despite the difficulty. It will really pump you up and make you better in a shorter amount of time. If you can’t do a leg-raise in this position, don’t get too worked up about it, because the difficulty level is really high. You can use a lat pulldown machine to help you at first. But building yourself up to be able to do this exercise can be a worthy goal. Once you can raise your leg while hanging, then you can progress to doing pull-ups while your legs are raised.
  4. Cable Wolverines. This involves raising your arms and squatting while pulling cables and the video can show you the proper form. It really engages your whole body. Then you follow it up with a strange-looking version of a pushup roll on a med ball, which is demonstrated on the video as well.
  5. Curl to Press + Plank Positions. This combination of exercises is an excellent way to engage your entire body and to get everything flowing. After the curl to press exercise, you can go through a series of plank positions using your palms and forearms. After 10 reps, you can hold a plank position until you can’t do it anymore. This is a truly effective total workout, all things considered.

After the workout, drink a protein shake such as the Syntha-6 Protein Shake, which comes in a variety of tasty flavors. With each scoop of this protein shake, you get 22 grams of protein and 10 grams of naturally occurring essential amino acids. This protein shake is also a great source of dietary fiber. You just get a couple of scoops into the mixer, along with 8 to 10 ounces of water and ice. You can also drink a protein shake in between meals to deal with hunger cravings, or even as meal replacements.

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