The Best Leg Busting Techniques

Want to make your legs absolutely explode with pump and size? Then try these awesome leg busting techniques which are sure to have you begging for mercy…


Glute Ham Raises

Glute hamstring raises are hamstring raises turned upside down. Here you will pin your claves or ankles down under pads on a bench with your upper body hanging over the front. Instead of raising your legs though, you’re instead going to raise your upper body, hinging at the knees as you do. This is excellent for building strength in the hamstrings as well as the glutes and it’s also good for having a large range of motion.


45 Degree Back Extension

The back extension is similar to the glute ham raise, except the focus is going to be more on the lower back. This uses the erector spinae to straighten the back but at the same time it also engages the legs as well to a slightly lesser degree.


Lying Leg Curls

The leg curls are the hamstring curls the way you know them using a resistance machine. During each repetition, make sure to really squeeze the contraction right at the peak.


Deadlifts – With a Rest Pause

Perform as many deadlifts as you can, rest for 15 seconds, then go again. Keep going until you can’t do any more repetitions at all. This is an awesome way to keep up the pressure on your legs and to maintain intensity. It’s a much quicker way to get in and out of the gym too.


Note that during the rest pause, you will never leave the station. The objective here is to essentially elongate everything into almost one, long set rather than several smaller ones. You’ll really feel the difference in your legs.


Leg Press – Constant Tension Time Sets

Next up comes the leg press. Here you’re going to use ‘Constant Tension Time Sets’. This means that you are going to be going for time rather than for sets and you’re going to be training in such a way as to maintain tension constantly throughout all of the movement. That means you never actually put the weights completely down, and instead keep just pressing without locking out. The leg press (or any resistance machine) is perfect for this kind of training and will allow you to maintain constant pressure. Like the rest pauses, this is ideal for really keeping up the intensity and helping you to get in and out of the gym much more quickly.


If you use this routine then you’ll find it’s perfect for really hammering the legs. That’s because it starts relatively easily with exercises that you are no doubt familiar with and then just ramps up the pressure and intensity right at the end with a truly intensive set of compound movements that are designed to keep the pressure on. Having already targeted the glutes and hamstrings so heavily, you’ll find that this is more than enough to completely finish you off and to trigger some real growth.


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