The GOMAD Technique for Bulking

If you’re an ectomorph or hard gainer and you’ve tried every training regime and diet under the sun to try and pack on muscle, then you may find yourself coming to the end of your tether. It can be incredibly frustrating when nothing seems to work and especially if you feel much smaller and weaker than you would like to be.

But never fear! If you’re truly desperate to pack on size then there are other options available to you and one of the best is GOMAD…

What is GOMAD?

GOMAD stands for a ‘Gallon Of Milk A Day’ and is pretty self-explanatory as it goes. Basically, this is a weight gain strategy that encourages you to try drinking an entire gallon of milk every single day. You then simply keep this going for around a month and then stop.

Now this method might sound completely crazy but stay with me.

For starters, GOMAD provides you with a lot of extra, high quality protein on top of your diet. If you’re struggling to fit protein into your routine and you don’t like counting your macros, then this is a simple, fool-proof strategy to drastically up your intake.

Secondly, GOMAD also provides you with a ton of cholesterol. At first this might sound like a bad thing, seeing as cholesterol sounds like bad news. In fact though, cholesterol from saturated fat is actually goof for you and will lower your LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) while increasing HDL.

What’s more, cholesterol is actually what testosterone is made from. Thus GOMAD provides you with one of the very best ways to increase your anabolic hormones for accelerated muscle growth. It also adds a ton of calcium of course, which actually increases the strength of your contractions and it offers other good stuff too like hydration and calories.

What to Expect and How to Use It

Everyone is different and your mileage may vary but some users report GOMAD as being almost as effective as anabolic steroids for – only without the nasty side effects. Note that this has to be full fat milk in order for you to get the testosterone benefits.

That said, drinking too much milk can cause nasty side effects if you keep doing it for long enough. While it’s very rare, it can even lead to bladder or kidney stones. This is why you can’t rely on GOMAD forever and should instead focus on it as a tool to help you jumpstart your muscle gain.

Likewise, it also has other limitations. You need to ensure that you continue training hard for instance and resting lots – sleep lots too.

And obviously if you’re lactose intolerant then this is not the diet regime for you!

Otherwise though, this is a great way to build strength and size if you’ve been struggling. And of course you don’t have to drink all that milk as it is – why not add a little cereal, or better yet, protein shake!

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