The Power of L-arginine for Testosterone Boosting (and Other Great Benefits for Bodybuilders)

L-Arginine is one of the most popular supplements used for boosting testosterone and its proponents claim some remarkable muscle-building effects. As a bodybuilder looking to get more out of your workouts, the reported benefits may appeal to you, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is an amino acid meaning that it’s one of the building blocks of proteins found in meat. Each of these amino acids has a number of different important roles around the body, many of which are particularly crucial for bodybuilders.

In the case of L-arginine the main role is helping the body to get rid of waste and to synthesize proteins. Right away that’s pretty important for a bodybuilder, as synthesising proteins means that more of what you eat gets turned into useful muscle. Getting lots of protein isn’t enough, you also need to ensure your body is actually using it and it isn’t just passing uselessly through your system.

L-arginine is also what’s known as a ‘semi-essential amino acid’. Essential amino acids are those that you can’t produce in your body and which must be obtained from the diet, while non-essential amino acids are those that the body can produce on its own and doesn’t need from food. L-arginine is described as ‘semi-essential’ as the body should produce enough but doesn’t always, particularly in people who have suffered from certain diseases or traumas. And if you’re a bodybuilder meanwhile, then there are plenty of reasons that you might want more…

Why L-Arginine is Amazing for Bodybuilders

At the same time, L-Arginine is also useful because it is responsible for the creation of nitric oxide. As every bodybuilder knows, nitric oxide is a vasodilator meaning that it dilates the blood vessels making them wider and allowing more blood to pass through. In the gym this translates as a better ‘pump’ as more blood gets to the muscles being worked and for recovery and general health it means better delivery of nutrients where they’re needed around the body. Nitric oxide also has the pleasing added benefit of increasing vascularity.

L-arginine is also believed to stimulate the productions of growth hormone which aids with the creation of muscle and recovery from stressful workouts. Growth hormone is one of the most important hormones when it comes to hypertrophy and anything you can do to get more of it should be celebrated.

Better yet, L-arginine is also used in the manufacture of creatine within the body. Again this is a name that bodybuilders will be familiar with as it is often taken as a supplement to increase muscle endurance and power. Creatine works by allowing the body to recycle used ATP, meaning you get a fraction of extra energy from it before you need to jump from the phosphagen energy system to the anaerobic system. In other words it allows your muscles to store more power of their own before needing to switch to the less efficient methods of getting energy stored in fat or from glucose in the blood.

L-Arginine and Testosterone

canstockphoto27701389But as if those weren’t enough reasons for any bodybuilder to start supplementing with L-arginine, there is also some evidence to suggest it can help boost testosterone due to its role in releasing hormones. In one study it was shown that l-arginine could be useful in treating erectile dysfunction in businessmen and many doctors recommend it in that capacity. Again this has obvious benefits for bodybuilders, as testosterone is responsible for anabolic functions in the body leading to increased muscle mass and fat loss.

L-Arginine also makes sense stacked with other testosterone boosting supplements such as Tribulus Terrestris. With extra vasodilation, increased growth hormone and more creatine, the effects of testosterone will be magnified helping the body to much more efficiently deliver nutrients around the body and make repairs to the muscles.

In many ways, L-arginine is several of your usual bodybuilding supplements all in one package: with the combined benefits of creatine, nitric oxide and both testosterone and HGH boosters. Add a healthy amount of protein and some tough workouts and you’ll have given your body everything it needs for a powerful transformation.

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