The Shoulder Shred Workout

In the fight against obesity, sometimes the best approach is to regard it as an actual war. That’s the underlying principle of the shoulder workout called Shoulder Shred, which is a military style workout that’s best done in the morning. To really build up your shoulders, the workout consists of 5 exercises (with 3 sets of 8-12reps per exercise) with rest periods of 90 seconds. Just take a look at the video so that you know how to perform the exercises properly, and you can also follow it in real time as well.


Exercise 1: Giant Set

This set involves the handstand push-up, the Smith Machine overhead shoulder press, and the battling ropes. One helpful tip here is that when you go to failure, take notes and write down your performance. Eventually you’ll improve soon enough.

  • With the handstand push-ups, while 8-12 is standard, you should go into failure. By recording the number of push-ups you’ve done, you’ll be able to track your progress.
  • When the handstand pushup is done, you go straight into the next exercise.
  • In the overhead shoulder press, you’ll do an “endurance burn” in between sets called rope pulls. Here you do a thirty count or you can do the pulls for thirty seconds (with one pull with both arms in every second). If you don’t have the ropes, you can use a pair of 15 to 20 pound dumbbells instead. Then you take a 90 second breather before going to the next set.

Exercise 2: Giant Set

Here you’ll do the standing Bradford press, upright row, and kettlebell pirate ship. You’ll just do a single set of Standing Bradford press, 8 to 12 reps to failure. Then next is a set of 8 to 12 reps of upright rows. This is followed by the kettlebell exercise. After all that, you rest for 90 seconds, and then begin again until you compete 3 sets.

Exercise 3: Superset

This one is all about barbell lever and landmine 180s. With the barbell levers, again you do 8-12 (into failure). You immediately follow it up with the 180s, after which you rest for 90 seconds. Then you begin again until 3 sets are complete.

Exercise 4: Giant Set

This set consists of the dumbbell raise, card driver, and reverse flye. While the earlier three are considered shoulder mass builders, this one is more about shaping the shoulders. This means it uses lower weights with more reps of about 15 ideally.

So with the dumbbell raise, it’s 15 reps to failure. Then immediately the car driver (so-named because it looks like you’re using the barbell weight as a steering wheel) comes next, which you do as a time trial and not by counting reps. Then the reverse flye follows, after which you then rest for 90 seconds before doing it all over again.

Exercise 5: Superset

This involves doing the straight raise on incline bench and the anti-gravity-press. Again you do 15 reps to failure, and you rest for 90 seconds in between the three sets.

After doing all these in the morning, you do almost the same in the evening with some changes. You just have to use less weight, but you increase the reps to 25-30 to failure, and the rest time is only for 45 seconds.

With the Shoulder Shred, you help develop your entire shoulders. You build up the mass, the cut factor, and your endurance. In the war against obesity and unhealthy physique, this is a weapon you absolutely need.

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