The Ultimate Mass Building Bicep Workout

Are you ready to give your biceps a real challenge? And to trigger some real and truly effective growth?


Then get ready for this ultimate mass building routine. This is going to cause some massive pump and if you use it a few times in succession, you can be guaranteed you’ll pack on mass fast.


So… without further ado, behold the immensity of this ultimate mass builder!




The Routine

The routine you’ll be going through for this mass building routine is as follows:

  • Barbell curls
  • Dumbbell curls
  • Close grip pull ups

Wait, what?

Doesn’t exactly seem like anything particularly new and inventive does it?


In fact it doesn’t really look that difficult either does it?


So what’s going on? How is this possibly an ultimate mass builder of any description?


Well, it’s all about the technique. We’re going to be doing these moves a little differently from usual and this is where the real power of the workout is.


The Strategy

So to begin with on the barbell curls, we’re going to have two barbells ready to go. One is going to be loaded up with some bars you find fairly difficult. The other, you’re going to keep with zero weights.


Now what you’re going to do is alternate between the two bars and two techniques. With the empty bar, you’re going to use perfect technique and full range of motion. That means you’ll be slowly lowering the bar all the way to the bottom to the point where you’re actually locking out the arm. You’ll be doing this for a large number of repetitions – about 15.


From there, you’re then going to move straight onto the heavy weight and perform 10 reps of partials. For the partials, you’re not going to be lowering the weight all the way but stopping with your arm slightly still bent.


That’s one ‘set’. Now go again for three sets on each movement. And feel the burn…


You can also swap the order for added variation.


Why it Works

So what’s going on here?


Well for starters, we’re working both sets of muscle fibers – the fast twitch and the slow twitch. This results in a greater overall muscle fiber recruitment and is almost like powerbuilding – mixing a hypertrophy workout with a power workout all in one! If you get it right you should see your veins start to really bulge.


More to the point though, the full-range exercises are going to flood the muscle with blood to create an amazing pump while the partials will keep it there while you train with the really heavy weight. What this does is to encourage hypertrophy by increasing IGF1. In effect, this works almost like occlusion training except with no need to wear a painful tourniquet.


And finally, the light movements will help you to increase your mind-muscle connection and warm up the muscles. Following this immediately with a heavy weight gives you more power to drive through those reps and to trigger serious monster arms.


Of course these principles can be applied to any workout. Give it a go and watch the size pile on!

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