The Vertical Ab Workout

When you think of an ab workout, what you’ll normally think about is lying on the ground and performing sit ups.


That’s all good and well, but unfortunately some people will always struggle with this. Lying flat on the ground can actually be quite painful if you have a bad back and what’s more, many people have hard floors or don’t really have space for sit ups.


If you fall into any of these categories, or if you’re just bored of the same old routine when it comes to getting that ripped core, then you might like to try something different. And that’s precisely what we have for you today with this ‘vertical ab workout’. This is a circuit of three ab exercises that you can do anywhere and that will help you to build a toned mid-section and at the same time cut away any excess fat or flab.

The Circuit

Complete this circuit three times. You can make it harder or easier by going faster or slower. Remember though: you get out of it what you put in! Give yourself 2 minutes between each round and put on some pounding music to get yourself psyched up.


20 Standing Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches normally involve lying on the floor and then bringing one elbow up to the opposite knee. This works the rectus abdominis (six pack muscle) but it also works the obliques – the muscles running down either side of your stomach.


But there’s absolutely no reason that this great exercise can’t be performed while standing. So stand up and perform the movements by bringing your knee down to your opposite elbow, rolling your stomach at the middle as you do. Remember to roll and not to fold your stomach, as this is the only way to engage the core muscles as opposed to your hip flexors.


If you want to make this a little harder you can go faster and even add in a little jump to make these high knees.


20 Dumbbell Toe Touches

Now you’re going to hold light dumbbells in each hand and take it in turns to bring a foot to meet each hand on either side. This is a great way to again train the core and the obliques while burning a lot of fat. At the same time though, this also has the benefit of being a dynamic stretch. Keep this up and eventually you’ll be able to touch your toes from standing which is a very useful skill.


20 Dumbbell Crossovers

Take a light(ish) weight over your head in both hands and then bend down and to the left, then down and to the right. Again you’re working all the same muscles but you’re also training the erector spinae at the lower back slightly as you bring your body and that weight back up.


Perform this whole circuit three times going quickly and you’ll find that it offers enough of a rapid flush set to really get the abs working. Just make sure to take it slow at first and to warm up to prevent back pain.


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