Top 5 Tricep Exercises

My last post was about 5 Bicep Defining Exercises and this one is about 5 of the most effective triceps building exercises so as to help you get fully developed and huge arms.

Here are 5 killer tricep exercise. Now, this isn’t necessarily a tricep workout but you can perform them in that sequence and even mix and match. These exercises is not just great for enhancing size but also for increasing conditioning and cutting.

#1 Rope Pull Downs

Rope pull downs is a great exercise for your triceps. As far as the right positioning is concerned, don’t stand too close but take a step backward from the machine so much so that you have to lean a little bit forward while pulling the weight down. Your hips should also be slightly backward with arms leaning forward a little. This is the correct position so that when you pull the weight down, tension is entirely on your triceps. When you go down just sweep slightly outwards so that your triceps contract completely.

You should feel the muscle working. If you feel it on your shoulders, you are doing it wrong.

This is a great exercise to begin your workout with.

#2 Close Grip Tricep Press

This is an excellent compound exercise. One to thing to watch while doing this exercise is your hands position. Try to have a gap of about 6 inches in between them so that your elbows come a bit outwards when you lower the bar. Since it can get a bit uncomfortable on the wrist so go down as far as you can while being comfortable. When you push up the bar try to do so with your triceps and not the chest. You need to literally lock your triceps when you go up. Try to go heavy on this exercise as much as possible.

Also, don’t forget to squeeze and contract the muscle as you go up.

#3 Bench Dips

Bench dips happen to be the most effective exercises for building biceps especially after having done the pull downs and close grip tricep presses. Try to make them difficult by putting weight on your thighs. You can load up as much weight as you can while managing 8-10 reps in each set.

Try to go down as far as possible. However, avoid your hips touching the floor since that can take away some tension in your arms. You can also superset these dips with parallel bar dips.

#4 Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extention

This is a great exercise to do with either dumbbells, cable, EZ bar or even the straight bar. It fully lengthens the tricep long head before contracting and locking the tricep again.

#5 Cable Kickbacks

You can go heavy on this. Try to do 3 sets of 10-12 reps on each arm. At the end of three sets, do a drop set wherein you go in dropping the weight after every few reps. You can also follow it up with a few close grip push ups to finish your workout.


This sums up some of the best tricep exercises. Combining a great workout with good diet and supplements can take your efforts to an entirely new level. One of the best range of supplements that I can recommend is Crazy Bulk. If you are trying to add muscle, Bulking Stack happens to be a great choice. It is combo pack consists of 4 legal steroids (supplements that mimic steroids without any side effects). This stack is immensely popular and has been getting amazing use reviews.