Top 5 workout mistakes to avoid!

Often, we start out on our workout regimen, but give up after a few days. This is primarily due to over exhaustion and not striking the right balance while we workout. Here are top 5 mistakes to avoid when you set out on your weight loss journey!

Not doing Cardio the right way

Treadmill is the first thing that you hit after doing a warmup. This will get your heart pumping, which will help initiate weight loss. Doing just enough cardio may not be the right approach. Typically, the fat burning zone is 25 mins – 45 mins. You should not go beyond the 45 mins zone because you will end up exhausting yourself.

Limiting your cardio between this zone of 25 mins – 45 mins will ensure that you burn fat but do not lose your muscle mass.


Not sleeping enough

Your body needs ample rest to recover from the pain while you exercise. Experts suggest that you should exercise for 5 days a week and let it rest for 2 days. This will help rebuild the tissues which have worn out during your exercise regimen.

On a daily basis, you should get about 7 – 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Typically, this is the time when your body will recover from all the activities that you have put in at your gym. If you are sleep deprived, it will firstly show up as mood swings and irritability. There could also be hormonal changes which will increase the stress and muscle recovery.

Weighing yourself too often

This is the most common mistake that we all do! Working out in a gym will burn fat but at the same time, it will build muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat! There is a possibility that your weight will increase after a few weeks of workout at the gym. This is not because you are yielding negative results. It is because you are burning fat but are at the same time building muscle, which will give you a toned look.

Women tend to fluctuate up to 10 pounds due to water retention in their body. The weight typically increases during their mensuration cycles. Watching your weight fluctuate or stay just the same even after months of workout could be extremely demotivating.


You should ideally weigh only your body fat, this can be done using caliper. Also, another way of watching it is by seeing how you fit into your clothes.

Not varying your workout

Trainers usually ensure that you work on different muscles during your workout regime. There is a judicious mix of lower body, upper body, weights and cardio. If you do the same set of workouts every day, then your body is likely to hit a plateau. The body hits a wall and stops responding to your workout regime. You will not make any progress on the goal you set out to achieve.

Not scheduling ahead

There may be numerous commitments you need to tend to. There could be emergency that you will have to attend to. It is however, more likely that you will not miss your health training, if you plan it ahead. You can draw up a schedule of your training every week and try to stick to it as much as you can.