The Top Foods That Reduce HGH levels

If you want to succeed as a bodybuilder then you need to understand the crucial role played by hormones. When it comes to body recomposition, hormones are a factor that are almost more important than diet. While what you eat will provide your body with the raw materials used to build muscle, it’s your hormone balance that will dictate whether or not it actually uses those proteins to do so.

Fortunately your hormones can be controlled via your diet as well, and once you understand this you can start raising your testosterone and HGH levels in order to put your body in an anabolic, muscle building state for maximum results.

But controlling your hormones with diet doesn’t just mean seeking out those foods that can improve HGH – it also means avoiding those foods that can reduce it. Here we will look at some of the top foods that damage your GH levels and that you should try to avoid in your diet.


Caffeine also prevents you from maximising your growth hormone levels because it works up your body and puts you in a more catabolic state full of adrenaline. This is great for focussing at work, but it’s not great for packing on muscle. The solution is not to cut out caffeine entirely, but to just time it better. You want it early in the morning to get you ready for a day of work, but you don’t want it when you’re about to go to sleep.

Acidic Foods

Again things like apples aren’t bad for you in general – in fact the vitamin C and fibre content are pretty good for your hormone levels. Again what’s important is the timing of eating these foods, and in particular you need to avoid eating them right before bed – as they may cause acid reflux and seriously damage your sleep as a result.

Spicy Foods

See above: spicy foods can play havoc with your sleep as well as with your heartrate. It’s like inviting acid reflux and downing a big mug of coffee before bed.


The number one opponent of growth hormone is alcohol. Not only does it dehydrate you, sap your energy and fill you with calories, but it also prevents you sleeping properly leading to limited GH production during the night.

Ready Meals

Ready meals are one of the worst things you can eat for a number of reasons. That’s because typically they will be full of added sugar, added salt and added transfats all designed to keep them from going off and to add flavour (because they’d taste incredibly bland without them). Not only do they lack any useful nutrients your body can utilise, but they also clog up your arteries, damage your skin, ruin your sleep and deplete your growth hormone levels.


Any fast carb is a big no-no when it comes to bodybuilding hormones. The reason for that is that fast carbs result in a sudden ‘peak’ in blood sugar level. This then causes your body to change to a catabolic state, halting the production of growth hormone and increasing production of insulin. This is what leads to weight gain which ultimately will reduce your growth hormone even more. While there are plenty of bad carbs, we tend to eat a ton of bread without giving it much thought which severely damages our bodybuilding gains. Try swapping to a low GI carb source like pumpernickel bread instead!

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