The Top Foods for Stimulating IGF1 Release

IGF1 is thought by many to be a highly important chemical in ensuring the optimum gains in bodybuilding. Like growth hormone and testosterone it is implicated in the process of building bigger muscle and aiding weight loss to help you achieve the bodybuilding physique you’re possibly aiming for.

Unfortunately though, it’s also important to bear in mind that IGF1 could have detrimental effects to overall health. IGF1 can actually reduce the production of growth hormone for instance, and is dangerous if you have ‘precancerous’ cells. It’s been shown that reducing intake of IGF1 in mice can help them to live longer. It’s a complex interplay of hormones that contributes to anabolic effects and to the ageing process and this isn’t fully understood yet. No need to completely cut out IGF1 just yet then, but do be careful and keep your eyes peeled for further research on the matter. It may be that there’s a ‘Faustian bargain’ as Tim Ferriss puts it – are you willing to sacrifice longevity for increased performance in the here and now?

Whatever you decide, here are some foods that may help you to increase your production of IGF1…


Milk is one of the very best sources of IGF1 out there and this is one of the reasons (along with the protein and saturated fat) that it’s such a popular choice for ‘hard gainers’ as a way to gain mass and definition. ‘GOMAD’ stands for ‘a Gallon Of Milk A Day’ and is a popular strategy for putting on size. What’s the very best milk for increased IGF1? Milk from cows treated with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH). And make sure you go for whole fat rather than skimmed.


Cereal might also be a good way to improve your IGF1. Not only is cereal a great excuse to have more milk, but it is also often fortified with various different minerals and vitamins. In particular, cereal often has added vitamin D, which has been shown to be tied closely to both IGF1 and HGH. You can also get IGF1 from some fruit drinks, but they’re high in sugar. The best way to naturally increase vitamin D is just to spend more time outdoors.


Any protein source will also increase your production of IGF1, so the more meat you eat the more anabolic your body will become. If you want to increase your production of IGF1 then steak is a particularly good source that will also increase your levels of testosterone and providing lots of amino acids. Other great protein sources include eggs which are notable for containing all of the amino acids, and things like chicken or tuna which are also highly lean.


So what’s the advice? Well that would probably be to keep eating lots of protein and drinking lots of milk while getting your vitamin D from the sun. You can also use Natural HGH Supplements to boost HGH production in your body. Such supplements are safe and free of negative side effects. They are made with natural ingredients like Bovine Colostrum, L-arginine, L-glutamine etc. and are quite popular with bodybuilders.