Trenbolone Acetate Cycles, Doses and Expected Results

Looking to add as much muscle as possible, no matter the cost? Then there are few better options out there than Trenbolone. In fact, many people consider Trenbolone to be the very most potent of all the anabolic steroids – though that, of course, brings a lot of risks too.

There are several reasons for Trenbolone’s power. The first is that it has such incredible binding affinity for the androgen receptors. Specifically, it has five times more binding affinity than pure testosterone. That means that in essence, this is five times more potent than testosterone itself when it comes to burning fat and building muscle.

Another reason that Trenbolone is so potent is that it has several other methods of action. Trenbolone can increase protein synthesis, which allows the muscles to make better use of amino acids in your diet. It also stimulates the appetite which is crucial for encouraging you to eat more when bulking. But crucially, it has the additional benefit of blocking myostatin – a protein that completely breaks down muscle.

Combine all these benefits and you have some incredible gains on your hands. But of course this also means you have lots of risks – so let’s look at how to choose the right stack so that you can mitigate them.

Starting Out

Starting out, it’s a good idea to use a dose of around 35mg a day. Remember, this is a potent steroid and it should be enough to see some serious results. With such strong and dangerous side effects though, you don’t want to go higher than this and put strain on your liver or risk more severe damage to your testosterone.

You’ll be cycling for around 8 weeks and following this it’s crucial that you follow up with a post-cycle therapy cycle to try and avoid permanently damaging your testosterone production. A good combination would be to use something like gonadotropin with chlomid in order to try and get your testosterone levels back to normal.


If you’re throwing all caution to the wind, then you can dose as high as 100 or even 150mg a day. This puts you at serious risk of side effects however.

Another way to get even more results out of this steroid is to stack with other PEDs. It stacks very well with Anadrol which supports the protein synthesis. Another option is Dianabol or pure testosterone which both work in a similar manner.


Better yet though is to avoid Trenbolone altogether. Unless you are a serious competitor in the IFBB, there is just no reason to put your health at such risk and to risk things like impotence or permanent HRT or liver damage.

So instead, consider using a safe alternative. T-Bal 75 from Crazy Mass is one such option – this is an entirely natural analogue of Trenbolone that is fully legal and has no side effects. This encourages the body to increase its own protein synthesis, testosterone production, and myostatin suppression and together, these effects can bring incredible results without the risk.

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