Vince Del Monte Shoulder Workout – 5 Must-Try Exercises!

Vince Del Monte is well known for using science and getting technical in a way that makes his workouts brutally effective. His shoulder workouts are no different and in this video he shows us five of his most effective exercises that can really challenge the delts. What’s more though, is that he also uses these five exercises to teach us some additional principles and lessons that help in all of our workouts. Read on to discover why Vince’s shoulders are the boulders they are – and how to make yours just as big!


Here are the five exercises…Rear Delt Flyes                

We’re starting with rear delt flyes using a resistance machine. Here you sit and face the machine and essentially perform the pec flye in reverse. As the name suggests, this exercise hits the rear delts which are so often overlooked in workouts. Just like the other two deltoid heads though, these contribute to full, round boulder shoulders and also help to flood the muscles with metabolites to stimulate growth. This is all the more effective if you have been neglecting the rear delts in the past too!


Bent Over Raises

Next up are bent over raises, using dumbbells. Simply bend over and hold light dumbbells in either hand, hanging down forward in front of you. Now just raise your arms up in the same motion that will once again target the rear delts. The difference is that the angle of the weight will be different – now with the most tension coming at the start of the movement instead of the beginning of the movement in order to give you more balance. Vince calls this ‘equalizing the tension’. You can call it what you want; I call it darn effective!


Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Now onto lateral raises. Here, you’re going to be holding the same weight and instead of raising along the horizontal plane, you’ll be lifting along the vertical plain by lifting them out to the sides. This will build the medial or lateral delts and help to widen your shoulders and give you a more impressive silhouette!


Cable Lateral Raises

Now you’re doing the same motion but using the cable machine. So you’ll be crossing over the cables and then lifting your arms out to the side with straight elbows in order to train the medial delts. The reason this works so well is that once again, you’re evening out the tension so that the most effort is required at the start of the movement this time instead of the end! The key to success is to focus on this point where the most effort is used. Vince calls this ‘focussing on the challenge’. In fact, you can use partial reps and simply move the weight through that point where the tension is greatest to really focus on one part of the delts.


Overhead Machine Press

Finally, end with an overhead machine press. This will let you go big on the weight and you can even use an ascending set to increase the load gradually. Because the bar will be positioned in front of you, you will be using the anterior deltoids most.


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