Vince Del Monte’s Monster Tricep Workout

Ready to start building bigger triceps? For so many guys this is still a big sticking point that just lets their arms down. Big biceps will only get you so far – your upper arm should be at least 2/3rds tricep and this means you can’t look swole in that t-shirt until you start giving your tris the love they deserve.


The problem? A lot of guys just don’t know how to train their triceps. So let’s go and ask the pro shall we? In this video, Vince Del Monte talks us through all the steps it takes to build monstrous tris and promises us that the techniques and moves he shows us will be the ONLY moves we’ll ever need for those muscles.


Activation Sets (Dumbbell Kickbacks)

First though, he recommends a warm-up. How? With an activation set of course. You wouldn’t warm up for the piano by playing the violin, so why warm up for weights by running? Use a light weight, deliberate motion and focus on existing the nerves.


Dumbbell Extensions

Start with dumbbell tricep extensions, lying with heavyish weights and using a 2 minute rest between exercises.


For elbow extension exercises, first, get into external rotation, lie back and then work through the natural angle. You need to work through the path of the joint, rather than working outside of the angle it was designed to work through.


Negative Accentuated Incline Dumbbell Extensions

This is a great exercise, still using heavy weights for muscle damage and now allowing the tricep muscles to really stretch and lengthen. You don’t have to do this in the incline bench but it works very well because it allows you to move further and also involves the shoulders. Start with a press, then extension, then lower and press again.


Still with a heavy-ish weight, still aiming for a muscle damage overloading the stretch position.


Cross Body Triceps Pressdowns + Extensions

This is one you may not have seen before but it’s also one of Vince’s favourites for getting pump. When you do this, you’re standing between two cables and then starting from a crossed position to extend both down by your sides. Move slowly and focus on the tricep working.


This is to build that metabolic stress, so that means you’re using a lighter weight and aiming for a higher rep range.


DP Tricep Kickbacks

This is another one you can use for building up metabolic damage. Again, use a lighter weight and really focus on technique.


Bodyweight Extensions

With your body rigid and resting on a low bar, lower your body using your triceps and then squeezing yourself up. Why not finish with a mechanical drop set? When you can’t perform any more reps, start performing slow push ups from this position to finish.


Go ahead and feel your triceps. Pumped right? That’s the sign that this stuff works and that’s the sign that you should be doing more of it! Give it a go and see for yourself.