What Are the Safest Steroids for Men for Sale?

canstockphoto18537063If you are looking for the safest steroids for men, then congratulations are somewhat in order. Looking for safe steroids is definitely the better approach to looking for the most potent steroids and searching for this particular type of thing certainly shows that you care about your health and want to protect it as far as possible.

At the same time though, I also have some somewhat bad news for you: which is that ‘safe steroids’ is actually a contradiction in terms. There is no safe steroid and if there were, then steroids wouldn’t be illegal and everyone would be taking them.

With that said, it’s certainly true that some steroids are safer than others and these may be the ones you want to consider starting with if you are set on taking this route to achieve your training goals.

Read on then and let’s find out what the safest steroids available are and how you can avoid the worst negative side effects.


One of the safest steroids of all is testosterone. That is to say, getting testosterone injections from your doctor or elsewhere.

The reason that testosterone injections are safe is that you’re simply providing the body with a hormone it produces naturally. This means that it’s not going to cause any kind of toxicity or other potentially lethal damage in that way. It’s highly unlikely that testosterone will be lethal and especially if you’re obtaining it through your GP.

But that said testosterone isn’t safe or completely free from side effects either. Unfortunately, testosterone injections confuse the body which thinks that it can stop producing testosterone naturally. The result may be that you need permanently hormone replacement therapy for the rest of your life just to maintain a normal balance of hormones.

Deca-Durabolin and Anavar

Deca-Durabolin is another relatively safe steroid as it converts to DHT. This means that it skips the part where it is testosterone which prevents things like gynecomastia. It is also less damaging to the liver. Anavar is the same and potentially slightly less potent, which makes it a very popular choice for beginners.

Nevertheless, both still carry many of the usual side effects associated with steroid use, including impotence and still some degree of liver toxicity.

The Alternative

The reality is that no steroid is really safe and that you’re only working with what’s relatively safer than the competition. Even when you use ‘non steroids’ like Clenbuterol or growth hormone you are still dealing with illegal drugs that can cause heart problems among other things.

The only real ‘safe steroid’ is not actually a steroid at all. Rather, the safest way to increase testosterone and thus muscle mass is to use a product from Crazy Mass or something similar. These also work to raise testosterone but do so naturally through a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that have been shown to elevate levels of male hormones in the gym.

If you’re looking for a way to safely elevate your testosterone to almost steroid-like levels, then this is really the only option available.

When trying to gain muscle and strength, you can consider a Bulking Stack that combines 100% legal steroids (alternatives for Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, and Testosterone).

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