What’s the Most Powerful Home Workout for Building Muscle?

If you could only use one workout for building muscle, what would it be? What is the one workout that’s more effective at piling on the pounds of muscle than any other?


Well, there are many points of view on that but according to Weight Gain Network, you’ll be hard pressed to beat this one. And all you’ll need is a pull up bar. (If you don’t have one, then you can buy one very cheaply for about $5 – they’re highly recommended!)


Here’s the full routine…




Underhand Close Grip Chin Ups: You’ll be starting with underhand close-grip chin ups. Or as you know them… chin ups. This means you’ll be using a supinated grip, with your palms facing toward you. This small difference (as opposed to the classic pull up) will engage the biceps much more in the exercise and help you to build big, raging guns as a result. It also makes it considerably harder to cheat and use momentum.


Wide Grip Pull Ups: Now we’re switching to pull ups with a nice wide grip. This is the perfect exercise to follow up with as it continues using the bar but now moves the focus to the lats. Because your biceps will be somewhat fatigued, you’ll be forced to really use your back strength to drive yourself up to that bar. Training the lats is a great strategy as this is one of the biggest muscle groups in your body.


Diamond Push Up: Next you can forget the bar and get on the ground to do some diamond push ups. These are push ups with your hands together so that your thumb and forefinger are touching. The position should be directly under your sternum. This is a press up and has all the usual advantages of that move, but the position of the arms will make it more of a tricep move which is great for building bigger arms again.


Bicep and Abs Pull-Up Hold: This is where things get interested: you’re just going to hold the bar with your underhand grip and with your legs pulled up into the stomach, or extended out straight depending on your strength level. Aim to hold this position for about 30 seconds if possible. It’s an isometric hold which is excellent for building strength and endurance in the biceps, while the leg raises will work the core.


You can also combine this with leg raises in order to train the lower abs. If you do that, then go for as many as you can complete before failure. It’s also great for your grip strength!


Time Under Tension Push-Ups: These are push ups but with more time spent under tension. How will you achieve this? Simply by going to failure while keeping the muscle under tension the entire time – no locking out. This will flood you with metabolites, ready to build maximum muscle.


Wall Sits: Finally, you’re going to do some wall sits to train the lower body. It’s an isometric hold where you’ll be staying in lower squat position with your back against the wall. This is a very under-utilized move and it’s highly punishing while being great for increasing anabolic hormones throughout the body.


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