Taking Testosterone for Bodybuilding

Athletes looking to get ahead of the competition by increasing their muscle mass and reduce body fat will often turn to anabolic steroids. These are drugs which can increase the amount of free testosterone in the blood by acting on the androgen receptors or through other means. Either way, this increase in testosterone and/or DHT … Read more

Does L-Arginine Raise Testosterone?

By now, everyone reading this blog knows that they need to raise their testosterone to get the very best results in the gym. If you can naturally raise your levels of T, then you can get close to the kind of gains that you see in the top bodybuilders and athletes – and the kinds … Read more

How to Measure Recovery and Testosterone/Cortisol Ratio

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of newcomers to bodybuilding and weight training make is to overtrain. It is easy to understand how this happens too – in their eagerness to get into the best shape of their lives and try out that new gym membership, they hit the weights hard and fast … Read more

The Side Effects of Testosterone Injections for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders who are serious about packing on real muscle and potentially even competing as IFBB pros will often go to extreme lengths to make their dreams reality. And there are few more extreme examples of this than deciding to take steroids – side effects and risks be damned! For those who are afraid of steroids … Read more

How to EASILY Increase DHT Through Your Diet

DHT is ‘dihydrotestosterone’ and you can think of it as essentially being testosterone’s bigger, badder, older brother. It’s even more androgenic and it can lead to a lot of extra muscle mass. Raise this substance in your body and you will see impressive gains as a result. Before we continue though, it’s first worth noting … Read more

How Do Vitamin A and Carotenoids Increase Testosterone Production

If you want to see increased muscle mass, better energy levels, more efficient weight loss and generally improved performance across the board, then you absolutely need to ensure you are eating a nutritious and balanced diet. In other words, getting your vitamins and minerals is absolutely key to your recovery as well as your gains. … Read more

How Creatine Can Boost Your Testosterone Production

Creatine is seriously amazing stuff. No really. Every bodybuilder should without a doubt be using some form of creatine. Not only is it incredible for giving you that extra bit of fuel to keep on pumping out reps in the gym but it’s also excellent for increasing mass almost overnight by aiding water retention in … Read more