An Explosive Basketball Workout

Sports specific training is highly useful for athletes but it can also be handy for the rest of us. Training for a goal rather than just spinning your wheels feels great and at the same time, it can be fun to focus on a specific set of skills with real-world usefulness.


And if you’re going to train for a specific sport, then basketball is a particularly good place to begin. This is because basketball relies on a lot of explosive power. Not only do you need awesome pecs for passing and shooting the ball, you also need explosive fast twitch muscle fiber in the legs for rapid direction changes and of cause to launch yourself into the air for that slam dunk.


And as a nice added benefit, a basketball can be used in a number of different exercises as we will see…


Here are some exercises you can incorporate into a home basketball workout…



Backboard Touches

Box jumps are a type of plyometric movement for building explosive power in the legs. You don’t actually need a box to train this way though – you can simply just jump on the spot. What’s missing from doing that though is some kind of target or objective. That’s what makes backboard touches so great – you’re leaping into the air and building real explosive leg power while at the same time focussing on training the ability to slam dunk.


Calf Jumps

Calf jumps are a plyometric alternative to calf raises and they do exactly what they say on the tin. Here, you’re basically just jumping off the ground but using only your calves and not involving the hamstrings, glutes or quads at all. Keep your legs straight, but then explode up onto tiptoes fast enough that it launches you into the air.


Jumping Lunges

Jumping lunges are great for building that explosive leg power that you need for jumping into the air. Here, you simply lunge, jump straight up and switch your stance, and then land back deep into a lunge.


Basketball Deficit Push Ups

This is a great move for improving your chest strength for throwing and catch the ball when it’s moving fast. It’s also a great way to incorporate your basketball right into your workouts. Just place the ball on the floor and then perform push ups with one hand on the ball to put yourself at a deficit and to force one side of your chest to work that much harder than the other.


You can also use a basketball with both hands to perform a kind of stabilization push up. This is another very challenging one as you’ll be forced to engage your core and to remain steady as you move up and down.


Basketball Sit Up Twists

Add a twist to a sit up and you hit the obliques as well as the rectus abdominis. This is a perfect move to perform again while holding a basketball and that will give you better ability to duck and weave around the court.


Excellent Muscle Building Workout Using Nothing but Your Bodyweight

If you’re looking for a good routine/split that’s simple to follow and that can be sued by beginners or pros alike, then you should look no further than PPL. PPL is ‘Push Pull Legs’ and it basically means you’re splitting your routine into three days – pushing movements that work pushing muscles (pecs, triceps, shoulders), pulling movements that work the pulling muscles (biceps, lats, traps) and legs. I also like to combine legs with abs.


PPL is perfect because it doesn’t focus on a single muscle group every week (which many bro splits do) but at the same time lets you generate more intensity than you would with a full body workout. If you’re serious about getting rapid growth then you can perform this routine twice a week and training that much more frequently will really trigger explosive changes.


Unfortunately, most people assume that PPL is a routine that can only be used in a gym. O contraire! This following routine is perfect for your ‘push day’ and it’s something you can do with no equipment at all.


Do this twice a week and your pecs, triceps and shoulders will look big and defined in no time.



Diamond Push Ups

Diamond push ups are a type of narrow grip push up. They’re so named because your thumb and forefinger of each hand will be touching, creating a diamond shape. These are great for really isolating the triceps and you should find they’re actually pretty challenging.


Perform 15 reps, three sets.


Towel Tricep Extensions

Keeping the pressure on the triceps, we’re now going to start hitting this muscle group with nothing but a towel. Take a short hand towel and then pull it apart as though you were trying to rip it in half. Now, with it over your head, you’re going to move the towel up and down as though you were performing overhead tricep extensions. You can also use this with a tricep push-down movement.


The great thing about both types of tricep extension here is that the towel is helping you to keep the triceps contracted, thereby providing the resistance you need – sans weights! Perform three sets of 15 reps.


Plank Front Raises

This is a nice move that challenges the pecs, cores and anterior deltoids. Get into a plank position with your arms straight and then raise one arm straight up in front of you, hinging at the shoulder. The challenge comes from balancing on one hand and performing the very light repetitions with your arms.


Again, do three sets of fifteen.


Reverse Bench Dips

This is basically a push up, using a table, bench or any other solid surface to make it incline. This can also be used for doing bodyweight tricep extensions if you lower your body underneath the table.


Another great way to use the reverse bench dip, is to complete as many press ups as you can and then to move directly to reverse bench dips as a type of mechanical drop set.


Finish with this on three sets of fifteen.


A Strange New Ab Exercise and an Incredible Routine to Use it With

The abs are the muscles that a lot of guys want the most and yet they’re also the muscle group that many guys are most likely to ignore in the gym. That is to say, that a lot of guys simply don’t do sit ups and crunches when they go to the gym, or even when they get home. This might seem strange at first: why would so many people neglect to train the main muscle group they’re interested in developing?


The answer is simple: training the abs is boring. Sit ups don’t provide that much of a challenge, they’re repetitive and they take ages if you’re trying to get any kind of burn from them.


Any new and more interesting ab exercises you can find then should be treated with excitement and reverence. And boy do I have an interesting new ab exercise for you today…



Introducing: Ab Shifters

The exercise in question is something called ‘ab shifter’ and it’s quite unlike anything you’ve probably done before.


To do it, you’re going to lie on the ground on a soft surface. Raise your legs ever so slightly and raise your back just slightly off the ground – you might recognize this as the starting position for the ‘hollow rock’ movement. This is similar to that, just even weirder…


Now what you’re basically going to do, is to rotate your entire body around 360 degrees or more. You’ll do this by rocking up slightly, moving your back clockwise or anti clockwise and then rocking back to the starting position. It basically looks like you’re having some kind of seizure on the ground but gradually you should be able to rotate your entire body around.


What makes this so useful? For starters, it’s just very different and the fact you’re moving around makes it quite rewarding and challenging. This is great if you’re bored of doing the same old sit ups! At the same time, this move combines an isometric hold as you’re keeping your body rigid with a short explosive movement to help propel yourself up and around. It’s also great cardio – so try it yourself and see just how challenging it is.


A Routine

Now you’ve got that cool new move, how do you go about putting it into a routine that you can employ to train your abs?


Below is a quick circuit you can use either once or a few times. There is no rest between each of these exercises and all of them revolve around having your legs raised off the ground – ideal for your lower abs.

  • Isometric hold (15 seconds)
  • Leg raises x 10
  • Flutter raises x 8
  • Single leg raise crunches x 10
  • Shifters 720 degrees on each side
  • Reverse crunches
  • Shifters 180 degrees
  • Flutter kicks x 20


This is a simple and effective ab routine you can do from the comfort of your home and it’s a great way to try out those super-challenging ab shifters for the first time.



The Side Effects of Testosterone Injections for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders who are serious about packing on real muscle and potentially even competing as IFBB pros will often go to extreme lengths to make their dreams reality. And there are few more extreme examples of this than deciding to take steroids – side effects and risks be damned!


For those who are afraid of steroids with exciting names like Anavar and Dianabol though, the idea of using testosterone injections might seem a little less daunting. After all, testosterone is already produced in the body and everyone knows what it is. This isn’t a case of injecting some strange and foreign substance into your body. What’s more, using testosterone feels less scary because it’s prescribed by doctors. Not for just anyone of course, but if you’re suffering with symptoms of low testosterone, then your doc may just recommend you to take some testosterone. You wouldn’t get a GP recommending Anavar!


So what’s the scoop? Is testosterone any safer than using steroids? Let’s take a look at some of the side effects.


Side Effects of Testosterone Injections

If you use testosterone in an injectable format to improve muscle gains, you can expect to experience the following side effects:

  • Breast swelling (gynecomastia)
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Increased hair growth
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Pain at the site of the injection
  • Scarring at the site of the injection


To understand where these side effects are coming from, it can help to look at what actually happens in the body.


Simply, when you inject testosterone, you instantly elevate your free levels of the hormone. This can help to combat low T obviously and can also help to increase muscle mass and fat burning. But of course too much of a good thing is no good thing at all. If you increase your testosterone too much, you can put your body into disarray, as it would be for a teenager going through puberty. This can affect your mood then and it can also cause hot flushes, acne, difficulty sleeping and headaches. You remember!


At the same time though, injecting testosterone will also lead to heightened oestrogen. This occurs as testosterone is converted into oestrogen in the body after a while. This is what can lead unfortunately to breast swelling and it can also contribute to some of the hormone imbalances that make sleeping difficult and contribute to poor mood.


Low Testosterone

Ironically though, the worst side effect of testosterone is that it can lead to low testosterone. If you use testosterone injections for long enough, the body reacts by shutting down its own production. This can cause the testes to shrink and ultimately leaves you dependent on that testosterone to maintain ‘normal’ levels. This is why doctors can be reluctant to prescribe HRT unless the patient is experiencing serious side effects already.


As you can see then, testosterone injections are far from being a safer alternative to steroids. They carry all the same risks and are just as illegal. The only safe and natural way to increase testosterone is through training, diet and supplementation with products like Testo Max from Crazy Bulk.


The Best Shoulder Workout for Bodyweight Only

Don’t have any weights?




Your entire body is essentially just a glorified dumbbell rack. And if you know how, you can do a ton of great workouts using nothing but that slabs of weight you’re carrying around with you all day. The only downside? Some parts of your body are much harder to target than others when you’re not using equipment.


And one of the toughest areas to focus on is undoubtedly the deltoids. Don’t despair though! All you need is a little creativity and you’ll find there are plenty of ways to get those shoulders burning with not a dumbbell or barbell in sight.


The only thing you’ll need is a dip bar, but you can always omit that one move.



Assisted Handstand Press Ups

These are handstand press ups but using something to support yourself and aid balance. The easiest way to do this is simply by keeping your feet on the floor and buttocks in the air.


Dipping Push Ups

Dipping push ups are push ups that start with the buttocks in the air, head facing down and arms straight. From there, you swoop down as though you’re about to faceplant. At the last minute


Tuck Planche Push Ups

This is where the dipping bar comes in. Grab a handle on each and perform dips but while keeping your chest facing the floor and legs tucked in underneath you.


Practice Planche Push Ups

These are push ups but performed with your arms a little lower down your body than normal. In other words, your hands are in the position they would be for planche, except your feet are still on the floor. This is a great way to build up to planche (if you’re interested) but it’s also a great move to follow the tuck planches with.


Pulsating Delt Pyramid

Don’t think you can train your deltoid heads specifically without weights? Well, prepare to be proven wrong! This technique involves standing with your arms apart as though you’re a crucifix and then pulsating them rapidly up and down. This is enough to effectively train the lateral deltoid heads. From here, you can do the same thing with the posterior and anterior deltoids. Continue for about 8 minutes, combining all three.


Clapping Assisted Handstand Push Up

This is simply the assisted handstand push up from before, except now you’re launching yourself in the air high enough to perform a small clap at the end of each rep. This is a very effective way to build the fast twitch muscle fibers in the deltoids, which is generally thought to encourage more rapid growth.


Alternated Assisted Handstand Push Ups

Finally, again in the assisted handstand position, you’re now going to dip gradually down from one side to the next in a controlled manner. This way, you will be isolating each side in turn while using the other hand to stabilize and balance.


Try all these in order and you should find you have a powerful circuit that will get your shoulders insanely pumped.


Sculpt Your Chest With These Awesome Moves

A big chest is one thing but just as important is to ensure you have a sculpted chest. If you think about building mass in your pecs alone and don’t spend any time considering symmetry or balance, then you can end up with a ‘turkey’ chest. Worst case scenario, your muscular pecs can end up looking like breasts!


The key is to ensure you develop separation, you build the tops as much as the bottoms and you keep them symmetrical. These exercises will help you to do just that…



Explosive Medicine Ball Push Up

Medicine ball push ups are awesome for building explosive power as well as for giving you control and balance in your supporting muscles.


At the same time though, this move is also great for ensuring you’re hitting every last motor unit in your chest as you’ll be forced to stabilize yourself. What’s more, it’s ideal for developing symmetry as one arm will be doing a much larger proportion of the work compared with the other.


Spider-Man Crawl

Spider-Man crawls are loved by the ‘functional strength’ crowd due to being ‘contralateral movements’. This means that they force you to use all four limbs independently which does a lot more than just turn you into the king of ‘Twister’. Spider-Man crawls are perfect for core strength, for strengthening your central nervous system and for developing agility and explosiveness.


What’s more, Spider-Man crawls are again perfect for evenly targeting both sides of the chest independently and for building the supporting muscles throughout the pecs and shoulders. They’re great for the core too!


Incline Bench Press

If your pecs look a bit too much like boobs, it’s probably because the lower parts are larger than the upper portions. What you want is that nice ‘ridge’ along your pecs so that you can balance coins on them and take photos for Instagram (apparently this is what women do to look hot now??). Ahem, anyway… Incline bench press always has been and always will be the best way to target the upper chest and it’s a crucial move if you want to sculpt the pecs.


Close Grip Dumbbell Press

Go for a dumbbell press as usual but bring them in together so that they’re touching each other while in a hammer grip. This will engage your triceps much more and at the same time make sure you’re utilizing the inner portion of your chest. Can you target the inner section of your chest considering it’s not a separate muscle head? That’s up for debate but if you can then this will do it!


Pec Flyes

And on the opposite end of the spectrum come pec flyes, which are ideal for hitting the outermost portion of the pecs to ensure your chest is really nice and wide. If you want to get experimental, you can even try throwing in a slight weighted stretch which some studies now suggest may trigger hyperplasia. Be careful though!


One more tip: build wider shoulders to help make your pecs look wider too. Get on those lateral raises!


The V-Taper Workout: Follow This Routine to Get an Amazing V-Taper

We’ve already discussed the basic principles behind getting a great v-taper and we’ve looked at the moves you need to incorporate into your training to get there. But what’s important to remember is that knowing how to do something and actually doing it are two very different things. If you really want to get the v-taper you’re looking for, then you need to be able to take these moves and put them into a training routine.


Well, to save you the trouble, we’ve done that for you. The following is a workout especially designed to give you that wide shouldered ‘Johnny Bravo’ look. Fit this into your program and you’ll see your body quickly change shape for the better.



The Routine

  • 5 sets of pull ups (to failure)
  • 2 sets of lat pull downs (to failure)
  • 3 sets of lateral raises (to failure)
  • 1 x tabata finisher


To start with, you’re going to do five sets of ten reps on the pull up bar. Keep your arms wide apart and make sure to use a slow and deliberate form all the way through each rep. You should really be able to feel this engaging your lats and you can even try consciously squeezing them as you perform each rep. Five sets is a lot but this kind of intensity is what you need for rapid results.


From there, you’re going to head on over to the lat pull down. Now you should be completely exhausted on the pull ups, this will allow you to keep going even as your form is sacrificed a little. Remember, that for hypertrophy you’re looking to flood the muscle with blood by doing high rep ranges. So put the weight on something relatively light you can handle easily and then just keep slowly performing reps for about 8-12.


Next up, you’re focussing on the shoulders. More specifically, you’re focussing on the medial deltoids which are found on the sides of the shoulders. Lateral raises will thicken these up and give you a little more width. Use weights that you can use for about 12 reps. People are often afraid to go heavy with raises but this can end up limiting their gains.


Finally, we’re finishing on a tabata routine to burn those calories and help you get slimmer. Tabata is four minutes of hell, consisting of 20 seconds of intense exertion followed by 10 seconds of rest – but repeated eight times. You can do this with any move that helps you to raise your heart level, whether that be running on the treadmill or hitting a heavy bag.


Tip: One additional tip is to wear wrist straps during the lats portion of this workout. This will enable you to keep going even when your grip and forearms tire out. We’re interested in building a v-taper here and as such we want to ensure we’re exhausting the lats rather than any other part of the body.



How to Quickly Build a V-Taper

Of all the features that bodybuilders and gym rats want to emulate, the v-taper has to be one of the most in-demand. Quite simply, this means having broad shoulders and a narrow waist. To an extent this is down to the genetic lottery but with the right know-how, you can do a lot here to maximize your genetic potential.


And if you really have the right know-how, then you can actually do this pretty quickly!


Here then, we’ll look at how you can very quickly start looking more like the sexiest letter in the alphabet…



Anatomy of a V-Taper

Really, there are three main elements that contribute to the look of a v-taper. The first is the shoulders. A wide set of shoulders provide the top of the ‘V’ and will make the waist look that much narrower in comparison. What’s more, broad shoulders are just generally cool and will make you look a lot tougher and more imposing.


Next come the lats. Wide lats provide the shape for the torso itself, filling out under the armpits and then gradually getting thinner as they taper down to the waist.


And last of all is the waist itself. By lowering your body fat percentage, you can drastically decrease the width of your waist and thereby build an excellent taper.


So let’s look at how you achieve each of these elements, then you can put the whole thing together.


Wide Shoulders

While you can’t widen the bone that provides the ‘framework’ for your shoulders, you can add width to either side by growing your medial deltoids. This is like adding tires to the sides of your shoulders and can really help you to take up more space. Use lateral raises to build these up quickly and make sure you’re challenging yourself with enough weight.


Impressive Lats

The single most important exercise for getting a v-taper fast is to do pull ups. This is one of the best ways to isolate the lats and it has the added benefit of toning the abs.


A pull up of course means you’re using an overhand grip. Keep your arms nicely wide apart to keep the focus on your lats rather than your biceps and try to use a slow, deliberate form rather than using momentum to cheat your way up. Kipping pull ups don’t cut it here!


Narrow Waist

Finally, to get a narrow waist you need to diet and add CV to your training. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is very popular for this but many people will find that running regularly is easier to keep up (and the difference in calories burned is more minimal than most people thing). Go for one long run a week and you’ll notice a difference. At the same time, keep eating lean and make sure you are in a calorie deficit when cutting.


Finally, try to avoid building your obliques up too thick with moves like side bends. These actually make your waist wider by growing the muscle attached to it!


Does Crazy Mass Bulking Stack Work?

Crazy Mass’ bulking stack is a combination of all their best supplements in one incredible stack. Specifically, you get Testosterone Max, T-Bal 75, Dianobal and Deckadrolone. For those looking to gain a lot of extra muscle without resorting to steroids, this promises to be the most effective way to boost strength and size minus side effects.


But does Bulking Stack really work? And how can it possibly have such profound effects without any of the downsides?


The Idea

Bulking StackIf you take a look in any scientific journals, you’ll see that there are plenty of ways you can naturally elevate your testosterone levels safely. These methods rely on herbs, nutrients and all manner of other substances that stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone. Meanwhile, you can also get compounds that increase metabolism, that elevate nitrogen retention, that increase protein synthesis… etc.


In each case, you only get an improvement of 0.5%-5%… nothing drastic. But you combine all those effects in one stack and you have something potent. That’s what each of Crazy Mass’ supplements do on their own but then with this stack you combine four of them to come up with something really crazy.


Users can thus expect results that are close to steroid-like. By increasing testosterone, nitric oxide, metabolism, nutrients and protein synthesis, you support muscle building in a vast range of different ways.


Crazy Mass state that users will regularly see gains of 20-30lbs at the end of an 8-week cycle.


Does it Work?

test2From our testing we can confirm that these supplements really do what they claim to. You’ll still need to put the hard work in and eat your protein but this stack will greatly support the ability of your body to convert that protein into muscle after a workout. Several of us in the office got to our biggest measurements ever by using this combination.


The user reviews also support the effectiveness of the strategy:


“To me the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack is very effective. I was sceptical at first despite my research before buying the product. I noticed upon my very first workout that even though I went balls to the wall, I had minimal soreness. After my first week I noticed a great increase in stregnth. My leg press max increased from 750lbs to 900lbs.” – Bobby Whitehead


“I have noticed tremendous difference in my strength and size. Exactly what I was expecting when I decided to try it. Will definitely recommend.” – David


Anyone can upload these reviews so it’s highly encouraging to see so many people experiencing the same results (after all, everyone’s body is different).


Best of all, this stack has no side effects. All the substances are completely natural and support a gentle increase in hormone production. This is also incidentally what allows all these components to be stacked together for even greater effects.


Of course a stack containing all the steroid equivalents of these ingredients would give you even more muscle mass. But combining something that potent would also probably be lethal. Instead of toying with your health, use this


Deckadrolone Side Effects

Most bodybuilders have heard of deca-durabolin and many even consider it to be the ‘king’ of anabolic steroids. This is a substance that works differently from other steroids by converting into Nandrolone and dihydronandrolone. The results is that you have slightly fewer side effects but still a lot of pronounced benefits. If offers one of the best ‘risk/reward’ ratios and as such is popular among those willing to make the Faustian pact that is steroid use.


DeckadroloneUnfortunately though, while deca is safer than some steroids it is still very dangerous. Fortunately, there exists a much safer alternative: which is Deckadrolone from Crazy Mass. But what side effects does this option carry?


How Deckadrolone Works

The first thing you need to know about Deckadrolone is that it is not a steroid. And unlike steroids, it is completely legal and natural. You can even use Deckadrolone during competition and won’t get any grief from the IFBB!


Deckadrolone uses entirely natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their profound effects on the hormonal balance of the body. Specifically, these ingredients have been shown to alter hormones in a manner very similar to Deca. In particular, they raise testosterone levels which results in an increase in muscle mass and fat burning. This leads to a very safe way to gain size and strength while remaining low and keeping your body fat percentage down.


Side Effects

So what side effects does Deckadrolone cause?


Actually, the good news is that this product is not known to cause any side effects whatsoever. While that might sound like a bold claim, what you have to remember is that it uses entirely natural ingredients that you could find in the wild, as well as nutrients that are already in your diet (though in greater quantities). This is stuff that the body is designed to process. And rather than messing with receptors and mimicking the effect of hormones, these ingredients work by stimulating the testes to produce more testosterone. Think of it like a gentle nudge.


This can take a little longer than using deca but the results are the same. What’s more, they’re longer lasting and you can stack Deckadrolone alongside other potent supplements from Crazy Mass and it will still be completely safe. In fact, Crazy Mass encourages users to do this and even sells Deckadrolone alongside three other supplements as part of their ‘Bulking Stack’.


The only things to be weary of when using Deckadrolone are potential allergies. If you notice any unusual rashes or side effects, then you should consult with your doctor. Those taking blood thinning medications might also want to check with their GP before using Deckadrolone. Many supplements for bodybuilding contribute to vasodilation which can decrease blood pressure. This combined with blood thinners can sometimes lead to dizziness and fainting.


Otherwise, Deckadrolone is one of the most powerful ways to raise testosterone and build more muscle entirely naturally. We highly recommend this product for anyone who is interested in taking their training to the next level but doesn’t want to put their health at risk.