Look Like Apollo Creed With This Insane Deltoid Workout

Go back and watch the old Rocky films and you’ll see without a doubt that it was Apollo Creed who had the more impressive physique up to Rocky 3. What made Carl Weathers’ look so formidable back then? The answer is simple: he had insane shoulders.


Great shoulders look incredibly because they bulge at the side of your arms. What’s more is that they help to make your biceps and triceps look more defined in the process. And better yet, they also have real world function. Apollo would have needed delts like that to deliver his skull rattling punches!


So how do you build massive shoulders?


Here’s one routine that will do it for you. You just need to perform three sets of each of the following moves…




Slow Motion Shoulder Dumbbell Press

The shoulder dumbbell press is a great exercise to begin with, seeing as it’s compound and will hit all three of the deltoid heads. We’re going to be performing these reps in a slow and controlled manner, while really focussing on the eccentric portion. This will increase your time under tension but more than that, it will also mean you’re spending more time in the portion of the move where you’re actually strongest. The result? More power!


Dumbbell Arnold Shoulder Press

Now we’re just going to mix things up slightly by adding a twist at the end. Start with a hammer grip with your palms facing inward and then when you reach the top of the movement, twist your palms to face forward. This will engage the anterior head. If it’s good enough for Arnie, it’s good enough for you!


Single Arm Dumbbell Lateral Raise With a Lean

Now you’re going to do lateral raises, which will nicely target the medial deltoids on either side of your shoulders. Throwing in a lean mixes things up nicely and increases the emphasis on the muscle area you’re working. Try it and you’ll see it’s a fun way to mix things up in the gym!


Seated Dumbbell Rear Deltoid Raise

Now for some seated dumbbell rear deltoid raises. As the name should suggest, this move now targets the rear (posterior) deltoids which are so often forgotten. Just sit on the bench holding the dumbbells, lean forward and then raise the weights as though you were flapping your wings. This is a nice little twist on the regular rear deltoid raise, as it means you can do it sitting down and won’t tire out your back in the meantime.


As you can see, this is a pretty standard deltoid workout – a compound movement followed by moves that target the front, lateral and rear deltoid heads. We’ve mixed it up slightly here by introducing some slightly more unusual exercises into the mix. But as long as you have all of these key ingredients in the mix, you should nicely round out those deltoids to look pretty powerful. The same goes for your other muscle groups – hit each of the ‘heads’ of that muscle once and you’re good to go!


How to Get Ripped Over 40

In a recent video on Six Pack Shortcuts, Jonny interviewed his friend Mark Mcilyar. Mark is a 53 year old fitness model and he’s in ripped shape. He’s got veins on his biceps and he looks nearly as good as Jonny himself.


In the video, Mark explains how he managed to get in such good shape at his slightly riper age.


Let’s see how he did it…




Mark starts out by explaining his background and how he was always interested in sports. While his friends started gaining weight, his interest in football and basketball kept him lean – and his competitive nature was a big driving factor for that.


He also hated the idea of becoming like his friends and gaining fat around his midriff. He loves going into gyms today and looking at guys 30 years younger who are in much worse shape!


What’s more, when he works out, he feels more energetic – which allows him to keep working out! It’s a virtuous cycle that has a ton of benefits.


Lifting Advice

So onto the hard advice for those over forty. The first thing that Mark says is to be realistic with your goals. Consistency is key, so even if you can only go twice a week, that’s fine – just make the commitment.


He also says not to beat yourself up if you miss a day. It’s probably your body telling you you need som recovery – don’t give up, just get back up on that horse! Likewise, he points out that it’s important not to have an ego in the gym. Lifting heavier for the sake of lifting heavier is a good way to get injured and actually to slow your gains – especially as you get older. Pick weights that you can get to 10 reps with and don’t go heavier than that.


In terms of losing weight, Mark focusses on HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training might seem tough, but if you have sore joints then actually it’s going to put less of a toll on your body than going for long runs that will wear out your knees. HIIT is also great for increasing mitochondrial function that will improve energy levels as you’re getting older. This is another way to sidestep one of the big challenges of working out as you pass forty.



As you get older, one of the challenges you face is your testosterone starting to trail off. This results in the accumulation of fat and in less muscle growth. The key is to fight that decline – Mark does this with compound exercises in the gym as well as the right diet. Another great tip is to use a good testosterone booster that has been proven to drastically increase testosterone in a way that is safe, healthy and completely natural.


Mark knows what he’s talking about – he’s in great shape and he shows that it absolutely can be done. Need more proof? Just look at Arnie and Stallone – they’re both over 60 and rocking bodies that they had in the 80s


Four Diet Myths That Need to Die!

Everyone has an opinion on fitness, diet and nutrition and this is even more true on the web. Go to any fitness, bodybuilding or weightlifting blog and you’ll find scores of people weighing in with different opinions on what the best way to eat is if you want to lose weight, or if you want to build muscle. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them don’t have a degree in nutrition. And actually, even the ones who do have degrees in nutrition, are often still making their decisions based on outdated concepts.


There are a lot of myths that just won’t die when it comes to dieting and these are only perpetuated by people on the web who claim to know more than they do.


Suddenly I’m feeling a little homicidal…


Let’s kill those diet myths once and for all!



Myth 1: Fat Makes You Fat

This is old news and it’s just plain wrong. Fat contains a lot of calories – it contains 9 calories per gram versus 4 for carbohydrates. But that is the only reason that it might cause weight gain. As long as you don’t eat too much, it’s no more likely to make you fat than carbs. In fact it’s less likely to, seeing as the sugar is released more slowly into your blood stream. That and fat is actually crucial for healthy testosterone production!


Myth 2: Eating After 6PM is Bad For You

Your metabolism doesn’t care what time of day it is when you eat. Sure, it’s a little faster first thing in the morning, but ultimately this has a very marginal effect. What’s far more important is ‘calories in, calories out’ – so don’t go starving yourself before bed. In fact, having low blood sugar before you go to sleep can lead to a restless night and grogginess in the morning, so be careful!


Myth 3: Vegetarians Can’t Build Muscle

While we’re not recommending you give up meat, it’s just plain wrong to think that vegetarians can’t build muscle. There are tons of alternative options out there when it comes to protein shakes – such as soy protein – and even if they aren’t as efficient as whey, they’ll still get the job done. Just take a look at some popular bloggers who’ve build massive guns on a vegan diet to see for yourself that this is very much a myth.


Myth 4: Supplements Will Get You Ripped

And particularly – fat burners. The idea that you can start swallowing some magic pill and start seeing incredible gains in the gym is just pure nonsense.


The word ‘supplement’ means ‘additional’. In other words, supplements are designed to be additional to a healthy diet and a good training regime. These support your training but they certainly don’t replace it. Don’t rest on your laurels.


In fact, if you spend lots of money on these products and aren’t putting in the time down the gym, you’ll only be wasting your cash.


Gee, wonder who came up with this particular myth?



What’s the Most Powerful Home Workout for Building Muscle?

If you could only use one workout for building muscle, what would it be? What is the one workout that’s more effective at piling on the pounds of muscle than any other?


Well, there are many points of view on that but according to Weight Gain Network, you’ll be hard pressed to beat this one. And all you’ll need is a pull up bar. (If you don’t have one, then you can buy one very cheaply for about $5 – they’re highly recommended!)


Here’s the full routine…




Underhand Close Grip Chin Ups: You’ll be starting with underhand close-grip chin ups. Or as you know them… chin ups. This means you’ll be using a supinated grip, with your palms facing toward you. This small difference (as opposed to the classic pull up) will engage the biceps much more in the exercise and help you to build big, raging guns as a result. It also makes it considerably harder to cheat and use momentum.


Wide Grip Pull Ups: Now we’re switching to pull ups with a nice wide grip. This is the perfect exercise to follow up with as it continues using the bar but now moves the focus to the lats. Because your biceps will be somewhat fatigued, you’ll be forced to really use your back strength to drive yourself up to that bar. Training the lats is a great strategy as this is one of the biggest muscle groups in your body.


Diamond Push Up: Next you can forget the bar and get on the ground to do some diamond push ups. These are push ups with your hands together so that your thumb and forefinger are touching. The position should be directly under your sternum. This is a press up and has all the usual advantages of that move, but the position of the arms will make it more of a tricep move which is great for building bigger arms again.


Bicep and Abs Pull-Up Hold: This is where things get interested: you’re just going to hold the bar with your underhand grip and with your legs pulled up into the stomach, or extended out straight depending on your strength level. Aim to hold this position for about 30 seconds if possible. It’s an isometric hold which is excellent for building strength and endurance in the biceps, while the leg raises will work the core.


You can also combine this with leg raises in order to train the lower abs. If you do that, then go for as many as you can complete before failure. It’s also great for your grip strength!


Time Under Tension Push-Ups: These are push ups but with more time spent under tension. How will you achieve this? Simply by going to failure while keeping the muscle under tension the entire time – no locking out. This will flood you with metabolites, ready to build maximum muscle.


Wall Sits: Finally, you’re going to do some wall sits to train the lower body. It’s an isometric hold where you’ll be staying in lower squat position with your back against the wall. This is a very under-utilized move and it’s highly punishing while being great for increasing anabolic hormones throughout the body.



An Upper Chest Workout for Men – Rock the V Neck!

The upper chest rarely gets the attention it deserves in the gym. This is a big shame because it’s actually one of the most aesthetic parts of your physique. If you can develop a great upper chest, it will help you to look awesome in any v-neck or tank top by giving your pecs that definition below the collarbone. It’s impossible to look skinny once you’ve nailed this aspect of your physique and it’s also a great way to avoid that ‘man boob’ look that comes from having massive lower pecs and no upper pecs.


Something to Note

One thing that many guys overlook when concentrating on the upper chest, is just what a small muscle group this is. The pecs are not divided in half and actually the upper portion of the chest is much slimmer. That means you need to work all the harder to really target it and to ensure that the focus is squarely on that part of your torso and that the rest of your pecs aren’t going to take over.


These moves should see you straight…




The Routine

Exercise One: Dumbbell Pullover Superset With Single Dumbbell Press

The dumbbell pullover is often used to focus on the triceps, but actually it can be pretty useful for the pecs too. And guess which parts of the pecs? That’s right: the upper pecs! Try to keep your arms more squarely over the chest than you normally would and really squeeze your chest as you feel the dumbbell move backward. Use a controlled and deliberate movement.


Now superset this immediately by pressing the weight above your chest, holding it in the exact position it’s currently in.


Exercise Two: Wolverine Low Cable Fly With Incline BOSU Ball Push Ups

Low cable flyes have got to be one of the coolest looking exercises out there. Why? Because you look like Wolverine! These are also great for isolating the upper chest and for hitting the outer portion in particular. Do as many of these as you can then head straight to the BOSU Ball to superset with some push ups. The BOSU ball here is essentially angling your body and turning the push up into more of an incline push up that will hit the shoulders and upper chest.


What’s great about this move too is that it will hit the core as well as you try and stabilize your body and maintain that position.


Exercise Three: Eccentric Overload Incline Bench

Finally, you’re going to end with an eccentric overload incline bench. This basically means that you’ll have a spotter standing by to help you lift more weight than you can easily perform multiple reps on at this point. You’re then going to slowly lower the barbell as carefully as you can, which trains the eccentric portion of the movement. This is a great way to encourage growth in your pecs and to create microtears and it’s something you should start doing more of in all of your routines!



A Tricep Workout That Will Cause You PAIN (The Good Kind)

If you’re like a lot of guys then you might find that it’s hard to get a good burn in your triceps. Really tricep workouts have become pretty routine for a lot of us, seeing as there’s not really that many different moves available compared with something like the chest.


Most tricep regimes consist of tricep kick-backs, push downs and extensions… and that’s it. Maybe the diamond push ups put in a weak showing toward the end but let’s be honest – no one really likes those!


Whatever the case, it doesn’t have to be that way! Actually you can get some serious burn on the triceps as long as you know how to mix things up. And that doesn’t necessarily mean changing the exercise: it just means changing the structure of your workouts, the pace of your routines and the speed of your repetitions. That’s something you should be noticing a lot if you’ve been reading this site for a while now.


Here’s one routine that takes full advantage of that concept to really get those triceps hurting…




Warm Up

You’ll start with a warm-up set. The very best kind of warm-up set to use here is simply to perform the same type of exercise you’re going to be doing for working sets, but just with lower weight. This also has the nice added bonus of helping you to improve your technique. Firing those neurons involved in the movement will ‘excite’ the neurons involved, allowing you to recruit more muscle fiber when you perform the move ‘for real’.


Here then you’re going to be performing light reps of narrow grip bench press.


Close Grip Bench Press 3 Burn Sets – 10 Repetitions

Now move onto the narrow grip bench press, except with ‘burn sets’. This means that you’re going to go to near failure on each set. And then when you get to the end, simply ‘bounce’ the weight up and down slightly to completely exhaust any strength you have left. This is a brutal way to increase the TUT and at the same time, flood the muscles with blood.


Overhead Tricep Extensions 3 x 10

Now we’ll be moving onto something a bit more classic that works the triceps in a different way. Make sure you go through the full range of motion, fully lowering the weight behind your back each time you perform a rep.


Weighted Dips Followed by Dips

Finally, you’re going to end with dips. Dips are excellent for training the pecs, triceps and shoulders. We’re mostly interested in the triceps here though, so make sure you’re really feeling them work and that you angle your body appropriately to that end.


To make life harder for yourself, you’ll be performing these weighted – try throwing some heavy chains around your neck. The real challenge though will come next, when you’re going to continue pumping out more sets now without the weight. This means you can go to failure and then perform a slight drop set!


A Massive Muscle Gaining Workout for Your Biceps and Triceps: Change Your Arm Routine With Four Exercises

Nate is a newcomer to popular YouTube channel Six Pack Shortcuts and let’s just say that he’s in insanely good shape. He’s ripped and looks tough and right from his first video introduction it’s very clear that he knows what he’s talking about and is a guy who you should be listening to.




One of the first tips he ever gave on the channel was this:


First thing in the morning, look at yourself in front of the mirror, and pose your guns. Now tell yourself you’re a badass.


Sounds silly? It’s actually a great bit of positive affirmation which is something we too often miss in our training. We’re so busy focussing on the parts of our body that we’d like to change, that we forget to tell ourselves we’re doing well. This kind of positive energy can translate to some truly excellent progress.


And he has a ton more excellent advice that can really make a difference to your training. Let’s start with his arms routine which is one of the best we’ve come across on YouTube for a long time.


The Concept

This arms routine is a basic one. It’s focussing on the biceps and the triceps and giving them equal billing. This is important because actually the triceps make up 50% of the arm – hopefully something you’re well aware of by now.


The routine is going to place bicep and tricep exercises back to back. These aren’t supersets, but you’re going to be going straight from one set of moves to the next. This way you’re training the muscle followed by its antagonist. This ensures they’re going to be developed evenly and at the same time, it helps you to gain more strength because you won’t have so much force being applied in the opposite direction by the antagonistic muscle group. Four exercises is all it takes.


What’s really different about this routine though is the heavy focus on the eccentric portion of the movement. This is the point where the muscle is lengthening, as you lower the weight back to the starting position. This is also known as the ‘negative’ portion of the movement and by emphasizing that part, it’s possible to really increase the strength gains. Your eccentric strength is actually much greater than your concentric strength and so by focussing on this part of the movement, you can build more strength more quickly. What’s more, is that the eccentric portion is where you’ll create all those nice microtears. And by moving slowly, you’re increasing your time under tension overall.


You’re going to raise the weight as normal then, but lower it in a very deliberate fashion for a count of 3-5 seconds. You should really feel this working and it will maximize your growth like never before!


Nate recommends using a timer on your smartphone in order to make sure you’re really following that instruction. As a nice added bonus, this also ensures that you’re not texting or tweeting when you should be lifting!


Now you know the basics, it’s time to look at the moves themselves…


Workout Breakdown

Standing Bicep Barbell Curl

The standing bicep curl is a nice classic movement. The barbell will force you to move both arms simultaneously and also prevents you from swinging into the movement. You’re going to be going very slowly on the eccentric and you should completely elongate the arm before moving back to the upward portion. You’ll be performing this for three sets of ten reps.


Tricep Dips

Next up come the tricep dips. You’re going to be performing these by placing your hands on a bench behind you and then lowering your buttocks towards the ground. Again, you’ll be performing the eccentric part more slowly – that’s the point where you’re lowering your arm (your triceps stretch at this point). Then you can explode upwards with this one, which will work the explosive fast twitch fibers in that part of the arm. Once again, perform three sets of ten reps.


Concentration Curls

Concentration curls are another form of bicep curl that lends itself perfectly to going slow and doing eccentrics. Here, you’ll be sitting on a bench with your elbow resting on your inner knee. Then you’ll be slowly lowering the weight as you count to four and then lifting it up as much as possible.


Not finding this hard enough? The great thing about a unilateral movement performed with an eccentric focus, is that you can go way past failure. Once you can’t lift the weight any more, use your free hand to help yourself lift it up. Now continue to lower in a controlled manner. You may find that eventually you can’t even lower it for 1 second, let alone five. Feel the burn!


Rope Push Downs

Finally, you’ll finish with some good old cable rope tricep push downs. The four second negative will be when the weight handle is coming back upwards to the starting position. Remember, if the bicep is lengthening, the tricep must be contracting and vice versa.


Count to four seconds as you bring this back up and make sure that you’re going all the way to full extension on each movement. That means you might want to stand with your hips a little further back, so that you can completely straighten your arms.


And there you have it, an awesome workout that combines two powerful concepts: hitting antagonistic muscles and using eccentric exercises. The result is one of the best techniques for growing your muscles to extraordinary sizes and at the same time increasing your actual strength in the gym. Of course you can switch out the individual moves with something different if you prefer.


Don’t just use this technique for your biceps and triceps – it’s something that more and more people are using and it’s really effective at giving you that shredded look. Once you give it a proper go, you won’t look back!


Winstrol Side Effects and Safe Alternatives

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid that can be used by bodybuilders and athletes in order to increase their lean muscle mass, to accelerate their recovery, to enhance their strength and generally to give them an overall ‘performance boost’. This makes it very popular among those who want to get the edge on their competition but unfortunately, like all anabolics, it also carries some serious risks and dangers that make it somewhat akin to playing with fire.


If you are a casual athlete then it’s really not recommended that you try Winstrol or any other similar substances. However, there is good news if you’re still keen to create gains: which is that there are some safe and natural alternatives available that will provide the same benefits.


Keep reading and we’ll look in depth at the side effects of Winstrol, as well as at how you can get all the same benefits with none of the risks.


How Does it Work?

To understand the side effects, you need to first understand how Winstrol works. To that end then, Winstrol is an anabolic steroid that is technically terms stanozolol. It can be taken orally or via injection and is commonly used for ‘muscular hardening’. In terms of its mechanisms of action, Winstrol is perhaps most similar to Anavar. The substance is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and works by increasing the amount of this substance. DHT is closely related to testosterone and is actually much more potent than regular T.


This means that it can more rapidly increase the male traits including increased musculature and accelerated fat burning.


Winstrol is popular for cutting as it is particularly effective at that latter ‘fat shredding’ aspect. It is believed to increase the burning of adipose tissues above and beyond other similar substances. To do this, Winstrol increases the production of red blood cells via DHT modulation and this is what enhances the fat burning effects and has the added bonus of providing more energy in the gym. Better circulation also ensures the delivery of more essential nutrients to the muscles as they work.


All this makes Winstrol a great ‘all-in-one’ steroid. Not only does it provide more muscle mass via its anabolic properties, but it also enhances red blood cell count providing more energy, more endurance and great fat loss.


The Side Effects

But of course you can’t get all these benefits without side effects and there is a serious ‘biological price’ to pay in exchange.


One of the ‘plus sides’ of Winstrol and other substances that act on DHT, is that DHT doesn’t aromatize. This means it can’t be converted into oestrogen which in turn reduces the possibility of gynecomastia which can occur with other anabolics like Deca.


But this isn’t to say that it doesn’t’ provide various other side effects related to high testosterone. All the normal culprits are present here including mood swings, sweating, difficulty sleeping, aggression, acne, male pattern baldness and more.


At the same time, Winstrol can affect the body’s natural production of testosterone. As your body notices an increase in DHT and testosterone, it responds by reducing its natural production of the same hormone (testosterone suppression). This is practically guaranteed with Winstrol and the result is that you can end up with a decreased amount of T for the rest of your life.


That means less muscle, less drive and even impotence. The only solution when this happens is to seek permanent HRT (hormone replacement therapy) from your doctor. This can be mitigated and the likelihood and severity of testosterone suppression are both reduced if you use a post-cycle stack. Still though, it’s a very serious consideration.


Winstrol is also one of the harsher steroids when it comes to the toll it takes on the liver. It can create difficulty eliminating nitrogen based waste (which comes from protein) and is highly liver toxic. Combined, these factors encourage the development of tumors which in rare cases may even be futile.


If you take Winstrol orally, then your likelihood of developing these liver-related issues only increases. However, injections carry risks and undesirable effects of their own – including a risk of infection, trapped air bubbles and scarring of the skin. Not to mention the fact that steroids are illegal and this will likely involve hiding syringes and other paraphernalia around your home.


More Dangers

Winstrol comes with added bonuses in terms of its effects and as such, it also comes with some added risks. Among these are joint pains which occur due to Winstrol’s action on progesterone. This reduces the anti-inflammatory processes which are controlled by that hormone and the result is akin to arthritis.


It’s worth noting that this inflammation actually has more severe effects through the body which won’t be as easy to spot – inflammation is actually responsible for a large number of health problems that affect us every day.


For instance, this inflammation can lead to a raise in LDL (low density lipoprotein). This is the bad type of cholesterol which creates a more viscous blood and results in a heightened likelihood of heart disease. This is made worse when you consider that all anabolic steroids already place more of a strain on the heart. If you do use Winstrol, then make sure to supplement with omega 3 acids and other cholesterol-friendly ingredients.



With all this in mind, it’s not at all advisable to consider using Winstrol. It may be one of the most effective hardening steroids but it’s also one of the most dangerous with a large number of potential complications.


WinidrolFar safer is to use a natural product that can work as an alternative – such as the excellent Winidrol from Crazy Bulk.


Winidrol is a product made entirely from naturally occurring ingredients that serve to increase testosterone and red blood cell count. These include synergistic combinations of vitamins and minerals, along with herbal extracts and other components. Individually, each raises testosterone and red blood cell count just slightly; together they have amazing effects that are comparable to Winstrol.


The best part is that Winidrol is completely safe as it works by stimulating the body to create more DHT, rather than artificially introducing it. It’s legal, it’s highly effective and the company offers full refunds for customers who aren’t satisfied. There’s no need to play with fire!


This One Simple Trick Will Give You Tighter Abs!

We’ve all seen the ‘one simple trick’ adverts on Facebook and the rest of the web and for the most part they’re just a lame marketing technique to get our attention.


‘One Simple Trick to Get Amazing Abs! But Should it be Banned?’


The truth, as we all know deep down, is that there is no ‘single trick’ that’s going to turn you into an Adonis overnight (sorry!). But while that’s true, there are some techniques out there that can nevertheless make a massive difference to the appearance of your stomach and this might just be enough.


This one tip is something that all pro bodybuilders use and it’s something that can make your abs look much tighter in just 10 minutes before bed five times a week. If you have ‘somewhat good abs’ but you find that they sometimes end up looking a bit puffy and all over the place, then this one trick is just what you need to get back the tightness and the firmness that you probably want.


Here’s how it works…


What is a Stomach Vacuum?

So the trick is called a stomach vacuum – and this is something you’re going to be doing before bed for 3 x 10 reps of 10 seconds each.


What is a stomach vacuum then? Well, you can put the Dyson down – it doesn’t have anything to do with suction. Rather, the vacuum part of the name is describing the fact that you’re going to be pulling your abs inward and upward into your abdominal cavity essentially creating a situation where your entire lower body looks almost concave.


The reason we’re going to do this is that it trains the transverse abdominis. That’s the sheet of muscle that you have surrounding your core and that is often referred to as ‘nature’s weight belt’. It has the job of stabilizing your core and making sure that your back is straight and you’re not doubled over. At the same time, it also has the secondary function of holding your gut in place and this also prevents your stomach from bulging out.


So while you might have the best and most defined looking abdominals thanks to a strong rectus abdominis, your stomach isn’t going to look flat unless you also have a great transverse abdominis. And most of us would say that a flat stomach is something we want.


How to Perform Stomach Vacuums

So how do you perform the vacuums? Simply, this process is going to involve pulling your navel in towards your spine as though you were trying to touch the two together. As you do that, you want to bring your diaphragm upwards and that means you’re be breathing out. Breathing out creates space in your lungs, which in turn lets the diaphragm come upwards creating the space in your abdominal cavity for you to pull your stomach in. This is now using your TA.


Hold this position for the count of 10 seconds and then release, before repeating the process for 3 x 10 reps. You’ll find your abs look much tighter overall as a result and you didn’t have to do one sit up!


The Ultimate Plateau Buster: Microloading

If you’re stuck in a rut with your routine, then you’ll know that this is no fun. One of the things that makes weight training so rewarding and so addictive, is the fact that you can see yourself improve week on week. Whether that’s just looking a little better in the mirror, measuring your biceps and seeing them come out at an inch larger, or breaking your 1 rep max on the bench press it’s just a great high. It’s the very same principle that makes playing Pokemon so addictive – every time you think you’re done, you get a little buzz from seeing Pikachu level up and you decide you’re going to put in another 10 minutes to see if you can get even tougher.


The fact that bodybuilding translates to improvements in your real life too though only makes matters that much sweeter.


When you’re stuck in a rut though and when you’ve hit a plateau, you’ll find yourself coming out the gym time after time looking no different from before. You can bust your gut and yet you have nothing to show for all your hard work. So what do you do about it?


There are a few options. It might mean changing up your routine, it might mean taking a deload week, but we’ve got something new for you instead. It’s called ‘microloading’.




What is Microloading?

The idea behind microloading is simple: you take something called a ‘fractional plate’ and you add it to your lifts. In fact, you don’t even need to know about it and if you have a good spotter you can ask them to add the fractional plates secretly when you least expect it.


Fractional plates are simply weight plates except they weigh just half a pound. That’s barely anything – you can lift it easily between your finger and thumb; but that’s the point.


What this then allows you to do, is to increase your lift so fractionally, that you barely even notice. It’s essentially tricking your body. If you can bench 150lbs, then you can bench 151lbs no argument. This is especially true seeing as small changes are less perceptible to the muscles as we reach higher weights. But it also means you just broke your plateau, without even knowing it.


And what if you increase your load by one single pound each week? It means that in 300 weeks you’d have just added 300lbs. That’s six years.


This is very similar to the way that ninjas (reportedly) used to train their jumping height. They would plant a sunflower in the garden and then jump over it every day. Gradually the sunflower grew taller and by the end, they were able to leap meters in the air.


Okay, so we don’t know if the sunflower thing is true or not (probably not). But microloading is the real deal and it’s worth trying out if you’re stuck and can’t get past your current 1RM.


The best bit? Fractional plates are super cheap and easy to carry around with you!